Who NOT to Bring When You Go Shopping for Your Wedding Gown


Shopping your wedding gown is one the most difficult steps in your wedding planning.  It’s a serious investment, commitment and it is the experience of a lifetime. While the excitement of your engagement might have you wanting everyone present when you try on gowns, it’s important to be mindful of who comes with you to your appointment.

Bring those who matter most and who will truly add to the experience, not take from the day! Here are some people we think you should leave at home:

The Negative One

We all have them, that one friend or family member who always finds something negative to say, even if it’s not intended. You’re going to have many thoughts and feelings when you start trying on gowns. The last thing you need is someone to rain on your parade, or, even unknowingly, hurt your feelings. All input while gown shopping needs to be constructive, supportive and positive!

The “When I Got Married” One

Did we mention that it’s your day? Because, well, it is! If you have that friend or family member who is constantly making comparisons to their wedding or their shopping experience, they need to stay behind. No two brides are the same and anyone else’s opinion based on their own experience is not needed at this stage. If you ask for their advice or have a preconceived desire to plan your wedding like they did then that’s one thing. But, if your pal thinks they’re the gown shopping authority, well, he or she will just have to hear about your gown another time.

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The Overly-Opinionated One

Don’t get us wrong. We love our sassy friends who speak their minds when the time is right. However, tact is ever-so important when a bride is looking for a gown. While discussing budgets, fit, fabrics and ordering schedules, you need to have a clear head and a solid support system. The last thing you need as a bride is someone to say the wrong comment at the wrong time.


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