Where’s Will?: Introducing Young Children to Shakespeare

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I stumbled upon Where’s Will: Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays (a Where’s Wally-style book) at our local bookstore and instantly loved it. Hamlet, MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, all of Shakespeare’s best known plays are brought together in this colorful and interesting children’s book.



Each play is explained simply, introducing the main characters before turning the page to a wonderfully detailed scene in which the reader is challenged to find each of the characters. William Shakespeare also makes a cameo on each page; it’s fun to race to find him.


Jack and Sarah go through the drawings and see not only the characters, but also the other townspeople and fairies. The stories of Caesar, Romeo, Juliet, Lady MacBeth and Ophelia have entered Jack and Sarah’s imaginary games and drawings.


The two unfortunate people behind rocks…I think there might be a little Hamlet or Caesar coming out there

Jack has been inspired to create his own Where’s Will stories, although his is called Where’s Jack?  He’s been hard at work, writing stories of treasure and pirates, the ghost of a heart-broken queen and a man who met a most tragic demise. They are truly wonderful.


There really is nothing quite like a book to ignite a passion. I can not wait to see what the next page of Where’s Jack? has in store for us. Right now, as I’m writing this, Jack is adding a new page, it looks like a forest. I wonder if it will be a tragedy or a comedy…. here’s what he’s got so far, love! Can you see the little fellow down the bottom left with a missing arm?!?

I’ve also added these two books to my library wishlist:

Sarah has a wonderful ballet DVD called My First Ballet Collection (which we’ve borrowed from a friend) of short performances from well-known ballets, that she watches almost everyday. She was very excited when she connected the dance from A Midsummer’s Night Dream to the story in Where’s Will. I think we’ll have to have a look through the DVDs at the library to see if there are any ballet performances of Shakespeare’s plays. Sarah will love that.

I love that Shakespeare’s stories have become part of Jack and Sarah’s play and inspired such creativity in Jack. I wonder where we’ll go next…


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