What Is a Side Hustle, and How Do I Get One?

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Have you ever contemplated starting your own business to increase your money, advance your career, and improve your personal happiness? If not, please allow me to encourage you to consider the possibilities that entrepreneurship has to offer.

No need to panic: you don’t have to establish a million-dollar start-up with an army of hip young employees the next day.
Taking huge, exciting changes in bits is a common sense approach of dealing with them. People, take baby steps!

Start small, follow the way of the solopreneur, and consider doing the Side Hustle Shuffle.

Side Hustle Shuffle? Indeed! Allow me to introduce thi, in which we’re going to be looking at the benefits of side hustling, how to start your own hustle, what to do with that extra income, how to grow your side career, and a whole lot more.

Have a specific question about side hustling, solopreneurship, or running a digital business? Be sure to leave it in the comments here, and your question may be featured in a future Side Hustle Shuffle post!

Meanwhile, we’ll start this series by going through the fundamentals for those who are new to the concept of side hustles and building a sustainable, lucrative business that provides for a lot of personal flexibility and happiness.

What Is a Side Hustle, and How Do I Get One?

A side hustle is pretty much what it sounds like: part-time work that you do on the side of your full-time job. Your hustle can be anything – really! What you do for your extra income (as long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical) can be whatever you want it to be.

Of course, the countless options available to you can make it hard to narrow down your focus when you’re wanting to establish your own gig on the side. For the best chance of side hustle success, you need to come up with something to offer that hits these three crucial points:

  • You’re good at it
  • You enjoy doing it
  • You know people would be willing to pay you for it

The ideal side gig for you will be one that intersects all these aspects at once. Why does it matter if you’re good at it? Because it’s work you’re doing on the side – which means in addition to work you’re already doing for your full-time job. It’s unlikely that you’re working your dream job (and that’s okay), so to avoid burnout you’ll want to choose some sort of gig that feels more like play.

Equally important is that you’re pretty darn good at what you do. Whether you’re working with people face-to-face or putting out your digital shingle online, the world is a crowded place. It’s loud out there, which means it can be difficult to get your voice heard.

Simply being good at what you do is going to make you stand out. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or come up with innovative ideas no one else has ever had (at least, not constantly). The key to being memorable and likable – and therefore, hire-able – is just being yourself.

It’s also the key to getting started with a side hustle. So many people stall out because they can’t get past the thinking and brainstorming part. They can never come up with an idea for their own side hustle because they don’t realize that they already have all they need to get started.

That’s your unique angle, your unique totally new idea. It’s you! No one can do something quite the way you can. No one thinks just the way you think.

You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t try to. Just like you can’t expect to like or be best buddies with everyone you meet, in the side hustlin’ world, you can’t expect to appeal to every single potential customer. It’s okay to be you, because there are people out there who you will please naturally, and people who will find your personality, communication style, and way of doing things really appealing to the way they work.

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That’s why being yourself is truly what makes you stand out – and not having the next big idea (of course, if you do, run with it). There are a million writers in the world. I’m one of them. And I’m the only one who has my own voice, which is part of the reason people hire me to write for them, or to help with their marketing efforts, or to manage their content.

Your unique perspective, experience, and voice will be why someone who didn’t want to hire me wants to hire you.

Why Bother with a Side Hustle?

The best answer to this question is, why not? There aren’t too many downsides to side hustling. But for the sake of this informative post, let’s look at why you should start your own side hustle as soon as you finish reading.

Extra Income.

The biggest, most obvious advantage of a side hustle is the fact that when you start earning, that income is a little something extra. What would you do with $100, $200, even $500 or more extra per month? You could pay off debt faster, take that big trip abroad you’ve been dreaming of, or boost your savings and retirement contributions.

Extra income from your side hustle is going to turbocharge your progress toward your financial goals, and there’s not much that feels better than that.

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Improved Personal Brand and Career Prospects.

In the modern – and increasingly digital – economy, you need to establish your own personal brand. That means having a strongly defined identity within your field or industry. You can accomplish this with a super awesome LinkedIn profile, your own website and online portfolio, or a blog that you write and manage.

You can also do this by starting your own side hustle. As long as it doesn’t present some sort of legal conflict of interest with your full-time job, consider taking your existing skills and knowledge to the freelancing or consulting world and operate on your own on the side. You’ll develop more connections, contacts, and yes, clients, all on your own. This will be incredibly valuable should you ever be laid off at your job – or if you ever want to leap into full-time self-employment.

Speaking of, turning your side gig into your full-time work is another great reason to start up your own hustle. Even if you’re not sure you want to transition from employee to entrepreneur right this minute, it’s always nice to have the option to do so. Alternatively, you could always start outsourcing your side work to other hustlers and freelancers if you develop it into a full-time business but aren’t ready to leave your full-time job.

Your career prospects are also likely to benefit as you further develop your knowledge and skillset. Even if you start with a side hustle you think you know everything about, running what essentially amounts to your own mini-business is going to provide you with a whole new experience and perspective. You’re very likely to pick up some new abilities along the way, too.

More Personal Happiness.

If you’re already working full-time, it can sound a little counter-intuitive to say that adding on more tasks and responsibilities could actually make you happier. But it’s true!

When you willingly tackle your own work, your own projects, and  your own passions, even the hardest of that hustle is infinitely more rewarding and satisfying that working to make someone else rich. When you side hustle, the harder you work, the more you’ll (usually) be compensated.

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You get to see an immediate return on your investment of time and energy – whereas when you’re an employee, you can bust your tail for months and the numbers on your paycheck will never change.

Plus, the freedom to make your own way, even if it’s just on the side or part-time, is fantastic. You’re the boss. You make the decisions. What you say goes, you have no one to answer to, and you can do things the way you believe they should be done.

Taking the Very First Steps

Convinced you need a side hustle? Here are some quick tips for making your first serious baby step of progress, and choosing what you’ll do on the side:

  1. Brainstorm a list of things you enjoy doing and things you’re good at. Doesn’t matter what it is – just write everything you can think of down on your list. If you can’t come up with anything you feel you’re good at, remember: you don’t have to be the world’s leading expert. You just need to know a little bit more than someone else in order to offer a service or product someone will pay for. Still having trouble? Start by thinking of what people have told you you’re good at!
  2. Narrow your list down to a handful of things people would be willing to exchange money for (whether it be a product or a service that you provide). Down to two or three things and can’t decide? This is your side hustle, so I advise choosing what you are most passionate about. Then run with it.
  3. If you have lots of things left, be honest with yourself. What are you best at? What do you do better than anyone else you know? That’s probably the side hustle you need to try first.
  4. Once you have your idea, the hardest work is done (it’s true!). Now it’s time to make a plan, spread the word, and prepare for business. Which we’ll save for…

…next time, when we’ll get more in-depth on what to do when you’re brand-new to side hustling in order to get the ball rolling – and how to keep the momentum going once you’ve got your first paying customer or client.

Have questions about starting your own side hustle, or how to turn a gig into a full-time business? Ask away in the comments!


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