Wedding Dress: To Sell or Not to Sell?


I loved my wedding day, and I loved my wedding dress! To me, it had all the elements of a perfect dress: a long train, elegant, sparkles and beading, ruching, lace, and “poofiness.”

Another great feature was that I was able to find a modest jacket that matched perfectly!
my wedding dress
I loved the lace “peek-a-boo” hem!

wedding dress
And I loved the detail on the bodice!

However, now that the wedding is over, there’s the big question: What do I do with the dress?

In my mind, selling it seems like the best option for several reasons:

1. Money

If I sell the dress, I’ll hopefully make a few hundred dollars. And as we all know, extra money is always nice to have around. Plus, if I don’t sell it, it really should be cleaned and preserved in one of those fancy boxes, which will cost even more money.

2. No Purpose

Really, besides your wedding day, what will I ever wear this dress to again?

I’ve heard the argument that it’s nice for your daughters to use for playing dress up. However, letting my daughters play dress up in a wedding dress that I could sell for a few hundred dollars seems a little crazy. I’m all for kids playing dress up, but I could get them much cheaper dress up clothes at a yard sale!

3. Storage

Being such a poofy dress and having such a long train was great for the wedding day, but it makes storage rather difficult. Do I really want this to take up space in my closet for years? Also, chances are my husband I will move a few times throughout our lives. Carting my wedding dress from house to house, and across multiple states seems very impractical.

4. Sentimental Reasons

This is actually the biggest reason for potentially keeping my dress. It just seems so sentimental! However, if I preserve my wedding dress in one of those fancy air-tight boxes, I’ll probably never want to open it up. (And I know I could never get it to fit back in the box again!). I have lots of pictures of my wedding dress, and those are much easier to look at when I feel the need to reminisce about my dress. Also, since I had silk flowers at my wedding, I still have my wedding bouquet, and many other sentimental decorations that seem a lot more practical to keep than the actual dress.

5. But what if your daughter wants to wear it?!

This is a common exclamation when I mention I’m considering selling my dress. However, my dress isn’t a “classic” looking dress, and I know it won’t be in-style in a few decades. And, I may never even have  a daughter! And if I do have a daughter, she may not be the same size. And if she is the same size, there’s a good chance she won’t like my dress. So really, it’s quite a long shot my daughter will ever wear my wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Selling Tips

If you want to sell your outfit once the wedding is over. As most likely you will not have other opportunities to wear your wedding garment, and rather than your wedding dress sleeping at the bottom of a closet, you might as well give it to another future bride. Here are some tips to help you sell your wedding dress.

1. Sell as soon as possible

I you have already decided that you are going to sell your wedding dress, do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the lower the price will be. Be aware of style changes that may influence demand. If you wait to sell your dress, the demand on the style or designer may be lower in price compared to when it was purchased. If you want to make more money, sell your dress as soon as possible. This way, you are more likely to sell it for a higher price than if you wait until next year.

2. Set the right price

If you want to sell the wedding dress you should choose a price that is attractive to buyers. The price to sell your dress will depend, among other things, on how old the dress is and the condition it is in. A wedding dress worn once should be cheaper than a new wedding dress, just as the selling price of a wedding dress more than 2 years old should be cheaper than a dress offered for sale right out of the dry cleaners.

3. Show why it’s worth

Hanging your dress on a hanger and taking pictures of it is all very well, but… Considering that you have more than a thousand pictures of your wedding… Invest the necessary time in finding the images that show the dress at its best. You can hide your face if you want to protect your privacy.

4. A detailed description

In addition to the photos, the description and the details have all their importance when you sell your own wedding dress. Measurements, method of preservation, brand and style are all elements that will make the sale a success. Many buyers will use this information to find and try on the dress in-store before making the purchase online. A thorough description will give details that the photos do not show. Defects, stains, etc. should be mentioned to avoid any unpleasant post-purchase surprises.

5. Research where you can sell

There are different ways to sell your dress. For example, you can go to a local store if you prefer a physical location. You can also organize a private sale at home by sending invitations to the brides-to-be of your entourage.

Finally, the Internet is of course a privileged platform to reach a maximum of potential buyers. Create your own website, post your ad in a specialized group on social networks or contact websites specialized in the sale of second-hand items.

So all in all, I’m seriously considering selling my dress. What are your thoughts? Did you sell or keep your dress? Have you regretted your decision?


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