Training With Equipment: Easier or Harder?

women with dumbells

Dumbbells that will “shake it all off” or a device that will get rid of double chins, are two examples of exercise equipment that leave me speechless.

There are hundreds of social media posts every day that highlight the wonderful feelings of engaging in some form of exercise. People want to share how proud they feel for pursuing a healthy activity.

Some of these people will have done it out of pleasure and enjoyment while others may have had to pull some stronger inner strength or just about had to “push through” the torture.

There have been studies showing that exercise motivation has an effect on exercise intensity. Whether that is because you have a fitness goal of becoming more athletic or because you want to look better in your body, motivation counts.

You may not even use expensive fitness equipment

People who want to get fit are often willing to spend a lot of money on the right equipment first. Often, a new sports outfit actually provides a lot of motivation at first. The situation is different, however, when it comes to miracle training equipment of the kind you often see in infomercials. Because what always looks super easy there, in reality requires just as much effort as, for example, a visit to the gym. The result: the expensive training equipment for home usually ends up unused and gathering dust in the basement.

While some people will look forward to engaging in some form of exercise activity, there are others who will procrastinate or even avoid the chance of getting their heart rate up.

Myself, I am the type that does enjoy setting some time apart to move my body but I don’t look forward to a HIIT session in the same way I might look forward to a fun Zumba class.

Science is trying to find out whether making the goal harder or making it easier will increase your motivation. So far it seems that both work.

I can attest to that. If I want to release some stress and get out of a funky mood I prefer a type of exercise that will get my heart rate up quickly.

Similarly, there are some people who will choose Crossfit workouts because their competitive nature touches upon their need to challenge and enliven their body.

However, there are times when easier sounds better. When there is no enjoyment in the task it is inevitable that the easiest and fastest method will be the one we jump into.

There comes the double chin device.

double chin device

Machines, exercise equipment and fitness tools can be helpful to reach fitness goals and to be able to train more efficiently.

For instance, a beginner in strength training workouts may find in using weight machines a safer option. It also provides them with a learning hack to really get those muscles activated.

Similarly, runners can still work on their marathon training by using a treadmill machine during the winter months when temperatures make it unbearable to run outside. Studies show that training on the treadmill with only 1% of incline was accurately efficient to reflect the oxygen demands of running outside.

Moreover, there is evidence that suggests that using resistance bands has proven to enhance the core strength of yoga practitioners alleviating lower back pain.

Training and athletic abilities can definitely be enhanced through the use of exercise equipment. In fact, hypertrophy without external weight may be very difficult to attain.

Yet we cannot generalize with exercise equipment and affirm that machines are an athlete’s “best friend”. The double chin device, for instance, is a useless solution.

Exercise equipment is intended to provide a means not a solution. The barbell will not lift using an electric mechanism and the treadmill will require you to run on it. You still need to work.

The hand shaker or the double chin devices are the easiest option. The quick fix or should we call it the quick fail.

Machines and devices can help but they are not magical tools. They have limitations.

Marathon runners sometimes run on the treadmill, weightlifters sometimes use machines and yoga experts sometimes use props.


David Staley broke the treadmill running record after spending 12 hours straight running 81,62 miles on one.

“Unlike trail running, running on a treadmill requires keeping a consistent speed and it also uses different muscle groups. Trail running uses the glutes, hamstrings and quads, but running on the treadmill requires no inner leg muscles at all,” said Staley.

Would it be the best option if he were to compete on a trail run? Perhaps no. It helps but he still needs to do other forms of activity to target those inner leg muscles.

The key takeaway is to not rely on a machine, don’t think it is the solution but it may well help. Perhaps the double chin device plus a healthy diet plus some movement will end up doing the trick.

Your turn:

– Do you use any type of exercise equipment?

-Have you tried any devices such as the dumbbell “shaker” or the double chin device before? Thoughts?


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