So, I have a long list of recipes that I am so excited to share (and I’m considering posting one later today — clearly, I have no self-control…so check back ;  ). However, right now I want to toss something else into the mix… Are you down with that? Hope so. (If not, feel free to click around here. < 3) I figure I might as well be honest. Health is balance, and right now, there is one area of my life that is totally out of whack.

As a former English major, I don’t agree with this, but find it hilarious.


I have a confession (what’s new, right? You always get more than you ask for over here!)… I love waking up early. But there times when I hate going to bed (to sleep, that is *cough*). It’s not that I am freakishly well-rested, nor is it that I’m anything less than madly in love with my husband (wink). The truth is, it feels like I’m waving a white flag of surrender at the day; as if I could have somehow squeezed in even more work. My family has a curse. Yes, a curse. For some reason, on my dad’s side, we resist bedtime like it’s the electric chair. We loathe it. We fight it. Sometimes, we conquer it and maniacally laugh in its face. And then, we wake up and realize we were dreaming, and sleep won after all.

When I would visit my folks in college, everyone else went to their respective sleeping quarters (<– fancy way of saying bedrooms) whilst Dad and I found any and every reason to weakly persevere into the darkest hours of night. We had our honor to prove. (That didn’t make sense then, nor does it now…) We watched movies. We told stories. We laughed. We quoted old SNL skits. We… grew weary. We slumped deeper into the couch, and finally onto a floor sometimes…

BUT, that’s more of a historical thing. I’ve gotten a lot better. Truly. These past two years in particular, I’ve gone to bed at a reasonable hour most nights. For a while, I was even snuggled in early enough to read a few pages of my book before dozing off. But this past week or so, things keep coming up unexpectedly. And I respond (unwisely) by telling Sleep — who I need and secretly love — that it’s over. I remind Sleep that I was so much better off before it walked into my life, complicating my productivity. We both know I’m lying. We both know how badly I need Sleep to stay with me, so that I can continue to do what I love. So that I can flourish.

I find routine is what keeps me going strong in most areas of my life. Call me Type A, OCD, or anal retentive — either way, I need a list, clean countertops, and consistency at all times.

This past week my bedtime routine of:

1) Sleepytime tea approximately 1 hour prior to cuddling up in bed
2) Brushing teeth, etc.
3) Teasing/keeping husband awake with clever jokes and impressions
4) Acquiescence to lights out and eventual sleep

Has become the ugly chaos of:
1) Sleepytime tea approximately 7 hours before quietly slipping into bed (while trying not to wake soundly sleeping man-partner)
2) Work
3) Work
4) Hugely ineffective and slowed productivity due to exhaustion, work
5) Brushing teeth, etc.
6) Try not to look at the clock as I collapse into bed, inevitably stirring man-partner and disrupting his sleep

Yep. Need to work on that. Especially because I am hypersensitive to a lack of sleep. If I lose a couple hours, I feel sick the whole day. I get headaches and coughs. Bleh. Not to mention, it makes me even less efficient the next day, which snowballs, of course. So. I hereby state another reaching point for myself: I will be in a bed by our established bedtime each night this week! Ok. Now I’m accountable. ;  )


What tips do you have for a solid routine when things get busy? Can you feel the impact of not sleeping easily?

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