Survival Food: 5 Ways to Eat Snails and Slugs

In all honesty, slugs and snails are probably the worst tasting things one can ever put onto their tongues. They are by far the most disgustingly tasting dishes most people would ever come across and they should be eaten only when you’re really dying and have no other option but them.

The danger behind ingesting slugs:

It might be really harmful to have these snails as is, without realising that they can trigger near fatal diseases in you. student of an Australian university reported of contracting a terrible meningitis because of eating slugs to win a bet. He was recovered after 5 months, post lots of medical treatments. Snails are probably the safest bet if you really want to take up this culinary challenge.

Here is a list of 5 recipes which can be tested in case you’re willing to head on this path.

  1. Fried Slugs:

    To prepare fried slugs, sear them in a bowl of boiling water for about two to three minutes. When they are soft, dip them in an egg battered on a dish and roll them on a plate filled with bread crumbs for making a nice layer over them. Take a pan and heat oil enough for frying the amount of slugs you’ve taken. Start deep frying each of these pieces until they turn golden brown. Enjoy your meal with a sauce of your choice to go with it.

  2. Classic Slug Stir Fry

    Take a pan and heat a few drop of oil in it. Choose the veggies you relish the most and stir fry them until brown. Add a few slanched snails to the frying pan. Cook well; add a little soy sauce according to your taste and comfort of your taste buds. Savor the delicacy over a nice drink.

  3. Slugs in Pasta

    Cooking pasta with slugs is pretty much the same as you’d cook pasta with any other meat. Chose what sauce you want your pasta to be in. Boil the pasta, drain it; have the sauce ready with whatever ingredients you prefer on a general basis. Once the sauce is partly cooked, add slugs into it and cook for a little while. Once it is ready, chose how you want to serve it, by pouring it over your boiled pastas or mixing it all up before putting it on a plate.

  4. Classic Escargot

    Take a bowl full of dampened lettuce. Leave your snails in this bowl for about a day so that they purge well. Next take a sizeable saucer and bring to boil water or white wine measuring nearly 1 bowl. To this, add about two cups of snails. Once the whole dish is coming to boil and you can see that the snails are now starting to cook, scoop up a spoon of fresh butter and add it to the boiling snails. Use two or three cloves of garlic to add flavor to the dish. Let it cook for a few minutes. Saute till you think they smell good enough to serve.

  5. Backwoods Boil

    This one is more like a broth. Catch hold of the ingredients that add flavors to food items when used in making a broth or a soup. Some people like having it with garlic and basil while others prefer the taste of black pepper. Use veggies to go with it like spring onions. Boil it all up together and have as a soup. Bread would go well with it too!

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