Simple Tips to Practice Self Reflection

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Have you ever been asked what are the things that you want to change about yourself?

Or perhaps your employer has told you to reflect on your own actions before but never knew what to say?
Today I will share some brilliant ideas for self-reflection.

It may surprise you to learn that self-reflection can be a powerful tool for identifying your strengths and areas where you need to improve, and figuring out how to solve them..

It’s not only great for study and work, but also great for personal use. It’s simple: the more you know about yourself and how your brain works, the more you can improve it.

Here is a great definition of self-reflection:

“Self-reflection in its simplest form is asking you thought-provoking questions so that you can develop a deeper level of understanding about yourself.”

Knowledge is power and I’m a firm believer that you or I deserve everything we work for. Understanding and having knowledge about you will aid you in that.

But, I am so critical of myself sometimes. It’s sometimes hard to focus on the good and the bad, rather than just the bad. There are times when I feel like I’m not doing a good job, or I feel like I should have done more. These moments don’t happen all the time.

But self-reflection can be really helpful when used correctly. You  accept who you are, with your flaws, weaknesses and limitations. You recognize your true value: yours as an individual here and now at this moment.

I’m going to show you how to focus on the positive, as well as reflecting on your areas of improvement, to your benefit.

Spend some time by yourself

I’m a firm believer in having ‘me’ time. You need time by yourself to think about life and to process everything that happens day to day. Thing is, though, we can get so wrapped up with day-to-day activities, that we forget to slow down. Self-reflection is something that is best done on your own. Having distractions around you won’t help you reflect.

Give yourself just five minutes. Every day would be ideal, but if you’re new to self-reflection you can take it day by day. You can choose to do it either in the morning, evening or sometime during the day.

As long as you have a quiet, peaceful spot to do it, that is fine. Now I want you to spend this time reflecting on everything you’ve achieved so far. Are you happy with your life right now? What area would you like to improve on right now?

I talk about this in much more detail in my new eBook, A Step by Step Actionable Guide to Reaching Your Dreams LINK But it can really help iron out some of your issues.

If it helps, write it down.

This helps me immensely, not just by helping my process it, but by allowing me to come back and see my progress. This leads me onto the next point nicely.

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Create a diary for self-reflection

A diary or journal is a fantastic way to keep track of your progress. It also helps you keep your self-reflection simple, to the point and easy to manage. Keeping it dated also allows you to come back to and see your progress over time. Personally, I like writing it down on paper, but you could use Evernote or another electronic notebook.

Now you have somewhere to keep a record of your reflective moments, write down your achievements. Think about areas you want to improve on. For example, maybe you want to improve your confidence? Or maybe your written skills aren’t up to scratch?

Make sure you think like you are an outsider looking in. You want to give a balanced view on yourself so weigh everything up fairly. You might find this hard to start off with, but it’ll become easier the more you do it.

Think about your positives

I’m a firm believer in focusing on the positive aspects of your life. When I say positives, I want you to consider a variety of areas. Think about what skills you currently have.

For example, are you great speaking to other people? Do you have a knack for computers? Are you gifted with numbers and arithmetic?

Do you have a knack for computers? Are you gifted with numbers and arithmetic?

Write these all down. Skills like these are fantastic and you have to remember not everyone is like you. You may be good with numbers, but someone like me isn’t. That, by far, is a great quality to have.

The thing about self-reflection is that it really is great in weeding out the crap. It forces you to really get down and dirty with yourself. There is no holding back with this. No one else is going to know either, it is completely private.

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Consider the negatives

The next idea I have for you is to consider the bad. The stuff you’d rather not talk about. Or if you’re like me, the stuff that you can easily identify are the bad ones.

For example, I’m great at writing and explaining what I mean through text, but I struggle talking in front of people. This isn’t always the case, but in some situations, definitely. Maybe you’re the same?

If so write it down. Or what about being a great cook? You might be amazing in the kitchen but being around other strangers might frighten the life out of you.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I want you to keep it balanced. I know how easy it is to put you and your actions down. But this can be bad for your health and isn’t part of self-reflection.

For every negative aspect, you think about/write down, balance it with a positive one. This keeps you grounded and on point.

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Keep Focused on your future goals

Another aspect of self-reflection is about keeping focused. It’s keeping focused on you and your future goals. Considering your actions allows you to process whether you are making progress or not. It allows you to keep track of wasted time and energy on something that isn’t worthwhile.

So if you have a diary or planner, use this to keep track of your goals and dreams. Use your five minutes a day to remind yourself of your areas of focus too. Not only will this help you in your self-reflection, it’ll keep you on track.

Not only will this help you in your self-reflection, it’ll keep you on track. Careful not to overwhelm yourself as well.

Understanding there will be trials and difficulties in life

To improve self-esteem, it is important to recognize the value of all the difficulties and trials you may face. Realize that all of life is a quest for yourself and for others. It is a constant learning process to discover yourself. Trials and difficulties will then intervene as tests for your person.

As in school, their purpose is not your failure or success, but rather your evaluation. So there is no need to be confused or frustrated by them. They are just there to help you see yourself better; to confirm or deny your self-esteem. While you may succeed or fail in the face of trials, this does not mean that you are the embodiment of failure or success. It is best to understand it that way and move on.

In the face of difficult situations, it is best to learn from them and to make them friends to increase your self-esteem. Understand once again that self-esteem is not synonymous with perfection. It is true that your successes build your self-confidence and your failures tend to have the opposite effect.

But this is only a reality, not the truth. The truth is what resonates within you and on which you have built your inner being. This truth is the pledge of your self-esteem and no reality can deteriorate it.

Think about the bigger picture when dealing with you and your self-reflection

The bigger picture is something we can often lose sight of. We are all busy people and we lead busy lives. But self-reflection allows certain activities that benefit you. Thinking about the bigger picture right now keeps you on track. It keeps you focused on what you want (whether you have commitments or not).

It keeps you focused on what you want (whether you have commitments or not). Spend some time thinking about the bigger picture. Spend time thinking about your bigger picture.

Not only will this help you keep on track, it’s another great way to reflect on your life as a whole. You see, you may have children, a great husband, and a job, it might not be what you want. You deserve to have goals and dreams, use self-reflection to get them.

You deserve to have goals and dreams, use self-reflection to get them.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to self-reflect. The main reason I’ve written this is because I want you to be whatever/whoever you want to be. I’m determined to help you.

What are your thoughts on self-reflection?


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