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Are you planning on getting married this year? If so, congratulations; that’s great news! But you can’t just sit back and relax now – you need to plan a big wedding! You have probably already heard that wedding planning can be very stressful and can even turn some women into ‘bridezillas’! I’m sure that you certainly don’t want that to happen to you and, thankfully, it won’t necessarily happen.

You may not be having any have experience in organizing events, However, You need to  deliver an evening up to your expectations. You want everything to be perfect for the D-day and make this day be a memorable moment that will remain forever in your memory.  Regardless the way you will finance your wedding, evaluate all the expenses, and the budget you will be able to devote to them, and define your priorities… photo, caterer, dress, it is only you to decide.

Don’t panic,  you will succeed! In this guide, will help you plan your perfect wedding without too much stress!

Find inspiration for your wedding

It is important to plan your wedding to be distinctive to you! To achieve this, begin by considering the theme for your wedding that you would prefer. There are many options themes to consider: romantic, glamour, oriental, tropical etc. If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you can also base it on 2 or 3 colors that you like.. For your color palette, anticipate your purchases!

It’s not a good idea to over burden yourself with colors that aren’t available everywhere. After you’ve settled on the theme of your wedding and colors, take a look on Instagram as well as Pinterest. There are plenty of inspiring images that can give you some ideas for wedding decorations that you can replicate or demonstrate your decorator in case you decide to contract out this job.

You’ll also find suggestions for wedding bouquets, flower arrangements, dresses jewellery wedding rings, accessories, cars, and inspiration on your wedding hairstyle and make-up ideas for the big ceremony… Make an “Wedding Inspiration” folder on your computer or phone and then add more the ideas as you move.

Create A Budget

First, it’s a good idea to write up a budget so that you have a good idea of just how much you can afford to spend on your big day. It can be very easy to overspend, and that is something that you want to try to avoid if possible. If you have been saving for your wedding for some time already, then you should have an idea of how much savings you can put towards the event. If you don’t know how much you can afford at the minute, it could be worth saving up for a bit before you start with any of the planning.

Should You Hire Some Help?

If your wedding planning starts to get on top of you, you could always use a wedding guide or hire a wedding planner. These can take care of a lot of the planning for you, and that should take a weight off your shoulders. Set yourself up for success by hiring a planner or coordinator of the month, who can help you organize your paperwork and create a to-do list and recommend vendors.

Even if you’re handling most of the details on your own, knowing that there’s a professional you can turn to will take some of the pressure off and allow you to move forward at a good pace.

Set Your Date

When do you want to get married? It’s a good idea to decide on a date quite early on. This then gives you the chance to book a venue with plenty of notice before they all get booked up. You can also get a wedding band, photographer and catering company in place before they all end up being busy on the day. Don’t forget that most couples plan their weddings well in advance, so it’s often necessary to get everything booked sooner rather than later.

Write Your Guest List

You should also spend some time thinking about who you are going to invite to your big day. It’s worth to sit down with your partner and go through each of your family members and friends. You might be restricted to how many people you can invite depending on the maximum capacity of your venue. It’s a good idea to consult both of your parents in case one of you forgets to include a distant relative on your guest list.

If you are comfortable, use Excel to create your guest list. This way, it will be easier to search for your guests, to make the automated addition of the number of guests and even to print stickers from the file created to put on your invitations and thank you cards after your wedding. Time saving guaranteed!

Think about an important element: the children. Do you want your guests to be there with their children if that is the case, or are you planning an adult wedding?

Find A Venue

Don’t forget to look for your dream venue! It’s worth taking a look around a few different ones so that you can get an idea of the kinds of venues that are on offer in your local area. Of course, you will also need to get a quote for each venue to make sure that you book one that fits your budget.


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