The Secret of Japanese Women: How They Stay Young Despite Age

There is a particular stereotype for Japanese ladies. The world is amazed how they can stay so young looking and slim for decades. Even when they are actually quite old: their glowing skin, elegant figure and almost total absence of wrinkles are the envy of women around the world. Could it be that genes are involved? If they are, the Asian women are very lucky to carry on the genes of youth. Their aging doesn’t seem to be noticeable until they reach a certain age. Only after that their wrinkles start to show.

The fact of not being able to see an old Japanese woman, won’t surprise you when you’ll find out about how many world records the Japanese women and men are holding when it comes to long lifespans. There’s also a book that explains this matter and it’s called “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat”, written by Naomi Moriyama. Their secret is actually based on two things: genetics and a well balanced ultra-healthy diet!

Want to Know More about the Diet of Japanese Women

Japanese diet

First of all, let’s name the ingredients that are commonly used in the Japanese kitchen by these extraordinary women. It appears that the secret of their look lies in consuming fish, soy, sea vegetables, rice, fruit and the inevitable green tea. Consuming these ingredients is the basis of many healthy diets. For instance, we already know that sea vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins and fish is high in the essential omega 3 fatty acids.

The latter is aiding natural oil production which helps to improve the skin, visually and internally. Omega 3 fights cancer because of its antioxidant properties and improves the overall state of the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. By consuming rice the aging gets slowed down a little bit, because of the substance known as phytoceramides.

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This substance helps the skin to form a protective external layer that is stronger than the previous. The new layer is trapping in more moisture, thus it becomes soft, elastic and wrinkle-free. The colloquial term for phytoceramides is actually “facelift in a pill” and by eating rice you are getting a natural facelift. That’s priceless. Green tea on the other hand, contains caffeine which helps us be more resistant to age related cognitive decline.

There is an absence in consuming processed food, ready meals, chips, sweet treats, chocolate bars etc. Gaining weight is almost impossible if you remember these two tricks Japanese women are practicing every day: Firstly, Japanese women cook their own meals at home. Instead of buying instant food, they use fresh ingredients and avoid sugary treats. Secondly, their portions are small. They serve their meals in plates that are a third the size of the Western plate. If you follow these two simple rules you’ll be able to retain your fresh ageless look and you won’t have to worry about gaining weight at all.

The Japanese are adept at very hot baths. These hot springs are said to have therapeutic virtues aimed at purifying the body and mind. After this moment of relaxation, when the skin is softened, they use the Konjac sponge to gently exfoliate face and body.

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Lifestyle = Exercising + Genetics

Japanese woman

The Asian countries are facing overpopulation, fast growing industrial cities and fast lifestyle as well. But it’s something about their tradition from which everyone carries a glimpse inside. The nurturing of the soul and enjoying the small, simple pleasures, are what brings them to a point where they are paying a great attention to their well-being.

That’s why their city parks are crowded with people doing tai chi or meditating. The overcrowded Asian cities are full of cyclists as well. In Japan exercise is also a common thing. They mostly enjoy hiking and walking as part of their stay-healthy routine. Japanese also are regularly visiting the doctor’s office for checkups and this is the main reason for noticing a problem in early stage.

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Regarding the genetics, genes do play a huge role in the aging process. A strong, healthy and active body produces a look a like younger generation. What’s most important if you have healthy habits, your kids will adopt those habits too.

These were the secrets of Japanese women on how to stay young looking and slim despite the age. Healthy eating and regular exercise are incorporated in their tradition and culture. That is why we rarely see and ‘old Japanese lady’. Adopt these simple lifestyle secrets and enjoy your healthy body and mind as you you were adolescent.


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