Moony Japanese Nappies Review

I feel like I have tried every brand of disposable nappies under the sun, so when I was asked if I would like to try Japanese nappies, I was open to giving them a go. Moony nappies are a Japanese brand that many parents say are one of the best nappies available. They’re built of natural materials and provide leak prevention as well as irritant protection for baby’s skin.

I chose to try the Moonys nappies on Baby A. We were sent a generous sized pack containing 84 nappies and have been trying them out over the last couple of weeks.

Moony Japanese Nappies

What I like about Moony Japanese Nappies

  • The nappies are incredibly soft. They are by far the softest nappies I’ve ever tried and it’s really noticeable when you take them out of the pack. This gives me confidence that they are comfortable for my baby to wear.
  • I found that the nappies fit well. They are elasticated at the back and the tabs wrap reasonably far around and are secure.
  • It has soft breathable surface which is good for baby’s sensitive skin
  • They are reasonably thin, which personally I like, as I’m not keen on nappies which are very thick and look bulky under clothing.
  • Most importantly they are absorbent. We have had two leaks, but I don’t think this is an excessive amount out of 84 nappies. The nappy’s inner layer collects pee and creates a gel to keep dampness inside the nappy and away from the baby’s skin. The fact that the nappies don’t swell up and become sagging like disposables did impressed me.
  • The nappies have a cute Winnie the Pooh design. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure whether to put this as a positive or not. Obviously for a six week old, it’s fairly irrelevant, but my 23 month old went through a phase of hating her nappy being changed and we ended up buying her Minnie Mouse design pull ups which she loved and was happy to put on, therefore making life a lot easier for us! So, for older children, I do think the cartoon design can be a good thing.

moony nappies

What I don’t like about Moony Japanese Nappies

  • The main negative point is the price. Brace yourselves…an 32 pack of XL nappies will cost around $42.50. That works out at almost $1.35 a nappy, which is significantly more than even the premium brands like Pampers, which in a small size like this cost closer to 80 cents per nappy. You can buy Moonys nappies from Amazon.
  • They do have a wetness indicator strip, but I find it quite hard to see…and the busy pattern does not help, so I usually just use my own judgement.

On the whole, I have been very impressed with these nappies. They work well in terms of absorbency and provide a good, secure fit. They are also the softest nappies I have ever come across by miles! Unfortunately, I personally could not justify the price tag of these nappies, but if the cost isn’t an issue then I would recommend them.


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