7 Best LED Headlight Bulbs For Cars

best led headlight for car

Statistics show that about 40% of road fatalities happen at night, so it is essential to install a high-quality headlights in your car. The main reason for accidents during the night is poor visibility.  As we don’t have sun light at night, so we need artificial lighting that aids us in driving.

Having best LED headlights in your car is not just to ensure your safety but also to show that you’re bound to the legal guidelines. It is crucial that your vehicle has headlights or else you’ll have to pay hefty fines, and it is essential that the headlights function properly. Many vehicles today have LED headlights from the factory because their shape is much more flexible and because they can offer even more decisive advantages.

Why Use LED Headlights

Led bulbs don’t get overheated. One of the main reasons, traditional bulbs went out of the market are because of the temperature. They can become extremely hot. On the other hand, LED bulbs don’t get overheated, thus avoiding damage.

There are various other benefits having the LED headlight bulbs in your car. It helps you during day time with poor visibility or at night when you are not able to see anything on the road while driving. It also required in fog when visibility on the road is very poor, in this case, you can dip your headlights to avoid dazzling other car drivers. In snow time or in heavy rain, visibility on the road drastically reduces so you can turn on your headlight to make your presence to other car drivers.

Also the luminescence that LED bulbs have is very high allowing to illuminate several meters more. And of course it goes without saying that they are better aesthetically because the lighting they have allows visually more white. To utilize your car headlights are pretty easy and to turn on them takes hardly few seconds. It is depends on the model and the maker of your car but the operation is quite similar in almost all the models.

Best LED Headlights 2022 Reviews​

car flashing light

There are several best led headlights in the market in recent times. Manufacturer and engineers brings new models of headlights to give us maximum visibility while driving the car. We have conducted led headlight bulbs review in following article. We will know the best headlights for your car and how to choose them, keep on reading following article for LED light review.​

1. Cougar Motor Flagship H11 (H8, H9) LED Bulbs - Best Budget LED Headlight Bulbs
Best Budget LED Headlight Bulbs For Car
There is very hard to stand in the competition world. In recent times, all the companies have to face competition in every business industry. CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs has brought its best in class LED Headlight Bulbs which are CanBUS – Ready that can be installed with most vehicles’ computer system without any error. It’s built in Arc-Beam technology that gives light in beam pattern without any black spots and gives a crystal clear night view.

The common issues with the halogen lights that they throws lights only on centre part of the road and faded on sides where this model Flux Up to 12000LM per pair which gives sufficient lights on both the side of the road so you can have feeling of driving of your car as you are driving it in the day time.

Now you can save more power as consumption of this LED bulb is just 30 watts. It can provide 200% brighter light than any other stock halogen so you can go for a long drive even in the night time. Installation of this model is as easy as changing your light bulb, it can be installed within 20 minutes of time so along with the power you can save your time too.

Other LED bulbs only last quarter of their expected life because of the heat issues but CougarMotor designed with MHP (Modular Heat Protection) system that has 7,000 RPM powerful turbo cool fan which keeps LED lights cool up to 30% and so it last for 50,000 Hours. It can give consistent light even in harsh condition as it designed waterproof, it works fine even underwater and it’s completely rain proof so that you can reach to your destination even in heavy rain without any trouble.

It comes in 6500k cool white color so now you will get the true white color for your car head lights that you have ever desired. Now you can go on long drive even in night without any trouble.

CougarMotor offers 3 years of warranty for your hassle free use and gives life time support.

​The downside of this product must be mentioned is that the unit of this model is little larger than regular halogen headlights so it’s quite hard housing this light and you require modification to install it in your car. Another cons that LED bulb has its own cooling fan system which keeps running even when the engine of your car is off, so in the rare case you will hear soft buzzing fan sound which can be irritating sometimes.

Also it has been noticed that it interference with weak signals of FM Radio reception, It happens probably only in outskirts of the city area.​


  • Longer bulb life, last more than 50,000 Hours
  • Brighter LED lights
  • Available at affordable price
  • It has its own cooling fan system


  • Sometimes it doesn’t last longer
  • Doesn’t fit to all the vehicles’ headlights, require little modification
2. HIKARI UltraFocus H11/H8/H9 LED Bulbs
HIKARI UltraFocus H11/H8/H9 LED Bulbs
One of the pioneer companies in the LED headlights bulbs and auto parts industries. HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit are the top selling product on Yahoo – Japan for more than ten years. It has acclaimed by many users worldwide and became their first choice while choosing the best LED Headlights for their cars.

Hikari has managed to maintain durability and performance of their products so far. Most usually, people choose headlights for two main reasons. 1 – For great brightness and 2 – Perfect light pattern and shade. Most of other brands of LED headlights are best in any one of these features but Hikari fulfills these both requirements in their product.

Hikari is the only brand in this industry which uses CREE XHP50 technology that provides perfect light beam without any foggy lights or dark spots. Light pattern of Hikari is very much concentrated and spread far away on the road. It designed with special aluminum alloy which makes it strong and durable and it is more robust than before.

This model of LED headlight is designed with improved MHC heat controller plus it has turbo cool fan system and RedLine driver which keeps headlight cool and makes longer life span of 50,000 hours with consistent beam light without any dark spot. This headlight gives lights on both of the sides of the road so you can judge your driving easily even in narrow space.

Without any trouble with on board CanBus CPU, anyone can install it easily. Board of this model designed with advanced electronic shielding technology which makes this product best in class. It starts in just 0.1 second which is like as fast as blinking your eyes. This model gives 6000k pure white shade of light color.

Size of this headlight is versatile and can fit into any car, suv or truck. It can also work underwater. It specially designed so that it can work even in critical time. It has rainproof driver, fan and housing that keep it running even in rain and snow seasons.

Hikari LED product has been certified by U.S. department of transportation and comes with 2 years of warranty.​

Every product has some downside, and this product too has some. There are few users have complaint about the fitting this headlights bulbs in their car is quite difficult, it doesn’t fit easily and car requires quite modification. Also some users complained that it doesn’t last long.


  • Made with special aluminum alloy
  • 18,000LM High Performance
  • Using the most advance technology ZES LED
  • Instant ON


  • Not great during night rain
  • Installation is quite difficult
3. SNGL Projector-Specific Version H11 LED Headlight
SNGL Projector-Specific Version H11 LED Headlight
SNGL has launched in 2017 its brightest LED headlight in the market. This headlight comes with powerful 15,200 lumens which will make your night road as bright as day time. Now you can see farther, wider and better for best headlight bulbs for night driving. SNGL is the only brand in the competition of LED headlights makers which has adjustable focus and you can maximize the light which you see on the road.

While other LED headlight manufacturer focusing on cooling fan system, SNGL has taken this feature on another level. Company has patented its unique CSC aluminum substrate which allows maximum cooling of the LEDs and also maintains highest light performance every time. This model gives up to +260% brighter light on the road without any glare or dark spot.

It starts up in no time; it doesn’t take time for warm up so you will not have to wait like other halogen bulbs. All the bulbs of SNGL are built in CanBus ready so it can be very easy for the installation. It installs within the 30 minutes of time. It can be direct replaced with standard halogen bulbs and HID Xenon. Plug and Play for direct and hassle free installation.

SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit offers 50,000 hours of life span which certainly works longer than your car life. It is designed built in IP67 water resistant that works fine even in critical situations. LED driver of this model comes with fan failure protection and over heat so there are no any issues of overheating of LEDs.

Engineers of SNGL have also focused in designing of neat and small driver enclosures. They have made it easier than others. It is CanBus ready and works with any vehicle CPU. The main concern with other brands of LED headlights is not only how bright it is, but it is also important how the lights are distributed, to overcome this concern, SNGL has designed this model exclusively adjustable focal length which makes this model outstanding.

SNGL offering 2 years warranty with life time customer support. You may send your queries or any questions via email, their experts will revert you. You may also call them if you have any trouble during installation process.​

This product has so many unique features although it has received some negative comments which can be resolved easily like connector of the bulb which twists into the headlamp is not wide enough to fit properly. Another main issue with this model is more expensive than other standard products.


  • Excellent bright light
  • Patented cooling fan system
  • Adjustable focal length


  • Doesn’t fit in some vehicles
4. Auxbeam H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs
Auxbeam H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs
It seems all the best LED headlight retailers operate from California as Auxbeam also runs from there. Auxbeam is one of the leading suppliers of LED headlights and vehicle accessories. Company has over 10years of wide experiencing making LED bulbs. Auxbeam manufacture LEDs bulbs for all the vehicles types like cars, trucks, off road, heavy equipment and military vehicles. It is built in high power Cree LED chip.

Like other LED headlight manufacturer, Auxbeam is also certified by the department of transportation.

This model is designed with full of aerospace aluminum alloy and heat sinks which stays LEDs 30% cooler than standards lights. It has built in turbo fan which control driver for overheating and provides consistent performance.

Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs is sealed with water proof and dust proof so there would not any junks sticks on it and it can work fine even in critical conditions like rain fall, storm or snow fall. It designed so compact that fits even in a small area; it has built in CanBus to avoid annoying extra wires.

It has tasted this product in the temperature from -40 degree to 150 degree Celsius and also certified with DOT (Department of transportation). It throws soft white light on the road so it will not dazzle on oncoming other cars. This model comes with 6000k pure white light with 360 degree beam angle that reflects road side boards, road paints and road signs so you can drive your car very easily and comfortably.

This model of Auxbeam comes with IP68 water resistant so that you can drive your car even in critical situation. It is built in aircraft grade gold aluminum that makes it strong for better performance. It saves power as it consumes only 30w per LED.​

There are some downside points of model that it doesn’t fit well in all types of car make. Some users have complaints about dark spots in beam. Some users have also raise complaints about this model that the lives of LED bulbs are very short.


  • Excellent bright light
  • Double-sided luminous surface for 360° illumination
  • Adjustable focal length


  • Doesn’t fit in some vehicles
5. XSTORM H7 LED Headlight Bulbs
XSTORM H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

XSTORM LED headlight is one of the best lights as it comes 360 degree of LED headlights which helps you to view road from both of the sides clearly and light reaches up to far distance so that it can be easy for you to view oncoming traffic. You can drive your car very comfortably without any trouble.

This model consumes only 80w of power so it is energy efficient too. Now you don’t worry for draining car battery quickly as Stark comes with 1.9 A and 2.9 A amperage which keep your battery for longer period.

Moreover, headlights can generate total 20,000 lumens of light which is extreme bright and allowing clear visibility on road. This is the reason why Stark 80W 360° led headlights are ultimate replacements of traditional halogen lights and HID Xenon.

All the features of XSTORM 80W make a safer decision while driving your car, now you can easily identify if any animal suddenly jump in between the road. Stark 80W 360° led headlights are easy to install and thanks to plug and play feature. You can do it yourself and you do not require any wire cutting. Best part of this model is that you can finish installation process within 20 minutes or even less.​

Another advantage of Stark is that the headlights are waterproof which ensure protection from rain water or any other causes moisture. Other halogen bulbs allow moisture to form and results damage to any electrical components and LED lights, XSTORM headlights are 100% waterproof which can run for long time without any damage.

XSTORM 80W 360° led headlights are maintenance free and shock proof. In this model new COB technology used which consume less wattage and uses of chips with various diodes. It can work well with projector housing also.

This 360° led headlights comes with 2 years of warranty and life time customer support. Their experts will answer your queries or questions via email or phone call.​

There is no model is 100% perfect and even this model does have some downside which we have discussed here. XSTORM 80W 360° led headlights don’t come with anti glare technologies that result distracting bright lights on other car drivers. Another issue has been reported that despite of plug and play feature, this product require professional installation in many car models.


  • Energy efficient
  • A 360 degree beam that eliminates dark spot
  • 60,000 hours of life span
  • Extremely High brightness bulbs


  • May distract light to other road users
  • Some car models require professionals for installation process.
6. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs
Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs
Fahren is specialized in universal car accessories and auto parts since many years. Fahren brought its best in class product of this Headlightt. It comes in an aluminum made sleek and attractive case which keeps safe LED headlights from harm.

Clean and crystal clear beam you will notice as soon as you ON it after the installation. Ultra white 6500k light will brighten your road. Moreover, this kit has included with blue and yellow tint cover which can convert the color of your headlights. You can switch it according to your need. It designed in IP68 waterproof technology so you can drive easily even in critical situation.

It is 100% shock and water proof so there is no any problem to go on long drive even in rainfall or snowfall seasons. It is heat protected and it has its own cooling fan and cheap which keeps headlight cool. It throws lights on road up to 500 meters so you can see object from the distance as well.​

These bulbs have designed in product’s own heat sink and cooling fans. Lifespan of these bulbs are more than 30,000 hours and it consumes only 30 watts per light. This light almost doesn’t produce heat so it has no any internal wear.

Installation of this headlight is indeed a “plug and play”, takes less than 20 minutes to install and it doesn’t require any annoying extra wires. It includes installation instruction as well as mounting brackets so that you can do it yourself. However, some vehicles may require installation by the professionals only.

Customer care support team is available on phone as well as they will answer your queries over the emails. Along with customer services, company offering 2 years of warranty.

This is one of the best products if you want to replace halogen, fog lights, LED high beams, LED low beams, off road lamps or interior lights.​

The only downside of this product is noticed by the users is beam pattern is not so satisfactory. Also when you flip from normal to high beam, brightness between two beams is barely traceable.


  • Three times brighter than halogen
  • lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Simple and easy installation
  • 360° adjustable locker ring
  • Dual-beam design headlight
  • Silent Fan


  • Some users complain about led bulb getting hot
7. OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit
OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit
OPT7 has launched its OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit with clear Arc-Beam bulbs. This headlight is the combination of Arc-Beam technology and CREE MK-R LED to give one of the best beam patterns on the road. It has 6000k cool white light which you are looking for the pure white color. Now you will not get any dark spots or blurry vision on the road as it has 3,500Lms per LED bulb.

It lasts more than 50,000 hours so it can be your good long term investment. Headlights are covered with enhanced cooling system with Redline driver. It is built with solid aluminum body which results lasts longer than your car.

Other LED headlights bulbs gives scatter light beams on the road while OPT7 gives you a clear and focused light beams without any dark spot or foggy patterns. It illuminates from zero to 6000k in no time, which start instantly so you do not want to wait long.

Fluxbeam LED Headlights stays 30% cooler than standard lights it’s all because of the cold pressed aluminum heat sink which has been fitted before the fan. Also capacity of the fan is 7000 RPM which is sufficient to keep cool LED headlights. It is power saver unit LED which consumes only 30w per bulb. Also you can manually set power usage of LED with compact Redline ASIC-X LED control driver and it’s designed in efficient micro size that you don’t require to mount it.

Now you should not worry even in heavy rain fall or snow season, you may drive your car easily as this LED headlight is weather resistant and 100% water proof, it works fine even under water. It doesn’t damage to any component of headlight and doesn’t allow moisture to enter inside the unit.

The installation of this headlight is very easy as this designed Plug N Play and it is TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Management) resistor bundle especially for Fluxbeam LED so it does not require splicing. Changing headlights is as easy as changing your light bulb. It designed with On board canBUS controller which makes the installation hassle free.

OPT7’s customer care support is remarkable that provides technical supports lifetime and also offering with 2 years warranty.​

Downside of this model should also be discussed, it is noticed that the sound of the fan is quiet loud and it can be heard even when the cars’ windows up so sometimes sound becomes very irritating and annoying. In some cases headlights doesn’t last long.


  • Superb light output
  • Focused light beam
  • Pure white color temperature


  • Annoying fan sound
  • Short life reviewed by some users

Best LED Headlights – Buyer’s Guide

car with LED headlight

Well, above are the top 7 best headlights bulbs. We picked out those that we liked and given you each and every detail of the products but it is not necessary that you liked those products too. Above might not suits your car so we suggest you to refer following section, it will help you to buy the best LED headlights for your car.

It is important to take into account the technical characteristics of LED headlight. LEDs often produce white lights that vary in intensity from one brand to another. Also, you will need to check the light performance which is expressed in lumens.

In terms of construction and design, it is best to go for devices that benefit from a dustproof design. In this case, check the presence of the IP68 protection rating in the description. In addition, it is true that LEDs are more powerful. However, it is also essential to take care of your eyes’ health. Some lights can cause negative effects on your eyesight. Therefore, make sure to buy only glare-free bulbs. This way, you will also avoid the risk of accidents.

In other headlight technology, it works on filaments and gas while LEDs works on small diodes which produce light after electric current stimulates their electrons. Thus, it required low power amount but it produce large amount of heat on the light and surrounding unit. However, most of the car headlight unit comes along with inbuilt cooling fan system which keeps cooling LEDs and its components. Following are the other specifications and factors which you should take into the consideration while buying LED headlights.


First thing you should consider about the how much brand offering lumens power, this is most essential point which you need to check as more lumens of power will give you more lights in the night time.

There are different amount of lumens come in car headlights. LED gives better and brighter lights in both the side of the road and it can spread up to far distance so that car driver can see better view while driving at night time or during critical situation. In comparison of others headlight technologies, LEDs offer low power, great light and long life.


​LED is the latest invention in the industry of light and in recent times, most of the car brands have replaced their Xenon and Halogen with LEDs. LED gives coolest and brightest color. Color of LEDs always measures in Kelvin. Usually, LEDs comes around 6,000 Kelvin, Xenon comes around 4,500 K. while Halogen comes at around 3,200 K. LEDs can give pure and white color of light while Xenon and Halogen technology give yellowish color. LEDs are so bright that you can feel like daylight while you drive your car in night.


Several brands offer today their own models of LED bulbs and lamps for car headlights. Not all of them have the same reputation in terms of reliability.


​LEDs come in different wattage, lower wattages bulbs saves more power and it also reduce strains on electric system. Usually LED consumes around 30w per bulb which is quite excellent.

Cooling Fan

​In comparison of other types of headlights, LEDs gives more heat to the whole electric system as it work on small diodes which produce light after electric current stimulates their electrons while in other types of headlights, they work on gas and filaments which catch less heat.

So you should check if the headlight is built in cooling fan system which keeps cooling LEDs and other electric components while LEDs are ON. Fan also gets ON as soon as you lit up LEDs. Better cooling system give LEDs more protected and so longer life.


​Lifespan of LED is definitely longer than other light bulb technologies like Xenon, Halogen and HID. Usually, headlights maker offers up to 50,000 hours lifespan of their car headlights which is quite sufficient and it may run longer than your car life so this is the also an essential factor which you should know while purchasing headlights for your car.


​In other technology of headlights, you require professional installation while most of the LED headlight maker provides on board CanBUS controller by which you can do it yourself easily without any trouble.

You will experience while installing headlights like you change any bulb. Instructions guide is always come with headlight box which will guide you step by step how to install or replace it in your car. However, there is some car model which requires only professional installation.


​LED headlights come in different price range and it is vary in the brand and the quality products they provide. LED headlights are little expensive than other technologies but it’s worth investing as it gives more brightness and color. Investing in headlights can be your long term investment as makers offer up to 50,000 hours life which is quite excellent.


​This is the most essential part you should check while buying LED headlights. There is no matter which make of headlight you buy, you should always check how much warranty headlight maker offering. Usually, company offers 2-3 years of warranty and provides life time customer support so you can replace headlight if it get any technical problem.

The Best LED Headlight Our Pick Today

​According to the study which we have conducted after reviewing all the products closely, we have picked two best LED headlight bulbs models over others which we will discuss briefly in following section.

SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight  may be the quite expensive to your pocket but its 12,400 power packed lumens will brighten up your way while you drive in night. Moreover, SNGL is the only brand among other companies which has adjustable focus feature.

It gives you +260% of brighter light without any glare or dark spot. Its plug and play installation process doesn’t require any professionals and SNGL ensuring LED bulb’s life span of 50,000 hours which is quite impressive. If you will overlook the downside of some little issues which has been raised by some users, this can be your worth investing product.

Another product which we have picked out is HIKARI UltraFocus LED Bulbs. It is also one of the best LED headlights. We have liked this product because of the main reason that this product is highly acclaimed by millions of users and it is a top selling product in Japan.

This is the only brand in the headlight industry which uses CREE XHP50 technology which gives an ideal light beam without any dark spot or foggy pattern. You can notice the both combination of great brightness and perfect light pattern in this product so it can be your best experience using this light in your car. Unit is made with special aluminum alloy that makes it super strong. There is no any product in 100% perfect, every product has some loops. If you will ignore its downside points, this product will surely shine your road and investment both.

After reading this full article, you may go ahead for purchasing of the best LED headlights for your car.​


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