Lacking Holiday Ambition

This is actually a small part of Rudolph's yard display!

This is actually a small part of Rudolph’s yard display!  He has 4 pink lighted flamingos this year.

One of our neighbors, we’ll call him Rudolph, LOVES Christmas, especially the decorations. He goes all out, spending weeks each year assembling and disassembling the holiday decor outside of their home. Were it not for the many homes on our block that make no attempt whatsoever at holiday decorations, the typical few strands of icicle lights hanging from the gutter on the front of the gutter that I hang every year would look barren by comparison.

So when a few days ago Rudolph rode by our house on his bicycle and called out, “Where are the lights?” I felt a little bad. This is the first year that we haven’t put up any holiday decorations whatsoever. And other than a door wreath that I’ll hang if I devote 10 minutes to pulling it and the hanger out of the closet, we’re likely to remain completely decoration-less.

I Swear I’m Not A Grinch

It’s just that it hasn’t really felt Christmassy to me this year, and it’s sure not helping that this week (assuming the weather forecasts hold through the weekend) will be the first week this season where there hasn’t been a single morning of 70+ degree weather. And as much as I’m a warm-weather person, the unseasonably warm winter has prevented me from breaking out my scarves and knit caps*.

I don’t begrudge anyone their holiday decor or holiday music. Heck, now that it’s past Thanksgiving, I’m actually appreciating the holiday decorations in Home Depot. (It felt a little early when I saw Christmas items out on display before Halloween this year!)

If anything, I think I’m enjoying the holiday efforts of others when I’m out even more this year. Since I’m not in the car much, I’m not overwhelmed with holiday music on the radio. And other than Home Depot and Publix, I don’t think I’ve been in any other stores lately!

Mostly, We’ve Just Got Other Priorities

As it turns out, making cabinets takes a while. As does laying tile a little at a time. We’re not regretting DIY-ing either of these endeavors, and if anything I’m looking forward to the time I’ve requested off from work over the holidays as uninterrupted days when we can get some more done and the idea of taking a couple of the few daylight (and non-rainy as was an issue last weekend!) hours to hang Christmas lights felt like it would have been a CHORE to get through when I really wanted to be working on the cabinetry.

And as for decorating the inside of the house, well… it feels like a tree would just cause far more headaches than smiles. At the moment, we’ve still got an extra refrigerator and stove in our kitchen. I’d optimistically like to get those out of our house this weekend so I can start move the first half of our pantry cabinet inside, but we’ll see how that plan shakes out.

Not to mention, we’ve let the kitchen remodel turn into a little bit of a “cookie problem” in one of the hallways. (Mr PoP rightly places the blame for this on me…) This summer I decided that since it might be a year or more before we got to replacing the tile in the bedrooms, it would look better in the meantime if we did the small hallway between the living room and the bedrooms now, rather than waiting until we did the bedrooms. Though it would have better for me to decide this before we returned the rental demolition hammers to Home Depot, Mr PoP happily (well, maybe not happily, but lovingly!) removed that ~45sqft of tile by hand. The hallway remains untiled, and since then we’ve actually decided that what we really want to do is remove a small linen closet** that is built into the corner of this hallway and replace it with a corner-hutch style cabinet (that, hopefully, I will build).  Which, of course, needs to be done before we tile the floor…

So we want to clear up space in order to keep building more cabinets and tackle the closet demo (and subsequent wall repair) and adding a Christmas tree or other holiday decorations to the inside of the house seems like it’d just be adding more obstacles that we need to work around.

I really do love and cherish getting a Christmas tree and putting up holiday decorations. The one thing I never want to do is have those cherished events turn into something that I dread or feel an obligation to do. So, we’re abstaining from holiday decor in the PoP home this year. But don’t confuse us with grinches! We’ll be at 2 holiday parties this weekend, and have 2 lined up for next week as well!

And on Christmas morning, I’ll still put Kitty PoP in his Santa coat. That brings holiday cheer to everyone!


Kitty PoP a couple of Christmases ago (on the old tile!)

* For someone that has spent 28 of her 33 years on this planet living in climates that rarely (if ever!) have snow, I have a surprising number of scarves and knit caps. Luckily I am a complete warm-weather-wuss, and will often wear them if the weather is under 70-degrees. I’ve was even known to wear them inside my office before I got my own thermostat to control! So they pretty much all get used a few times per year and Marie Kondo and FP will be pleased to know each one sparks joy. =)

** Oddly, this will be the third closet that we will have removed from our house since they were all positioned in manners that made spaces feel extra small. The remaining 3 closets don’t seem to do that, so should remain in perpetuity.

What are you doing to get in the holiday spirit this year? Anyone else abstaining from decorations?


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