How to Plan Your Own Family Reunion

family reunion

It’s easy to forget about all of your flesh and blood who are out living their lives when a family tree splits out and new branches and leaves appear. Each year, family reunions provide a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with distant relatives and stay up with what everyone in the family is up to. Family reunions, on the other hand, may be massive events that are hard to plan, and they will only get more complicated as the family grows larger . Here are some tips that can help you plan your own family reunion…

Delegate responsibilities

First and first, it’s important to recognize that no single individual can, and shouldn’t want to, prepare the entirety of an event like this on their own. Family reunions should be organized and handled by several family members. Even the task of preparing a family reunion becomes more of a family experience as a result of this. As a result, make sure to outsource some of the event planning chores to other family members.. In addition to making it easier, it also opens up the potential of having more people’s ideas in the bucket.

Make a communal budget

The other thing that a person shouldn’t do all by their lonesome when planning a family reunion is pay for the whole event. Events like this can get expensive, especially as families get bigger and bigger. Instead, put it out to other folks in the family to create a communal budget that will be used to put the event on. If everyone in a family donates just a little bit, then it opens up the possibilities of what activities you can put together for everyone, and what types of locations you can get.

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Plan activities for all ages

Family reunions are often made up of a wide variety of different ages. You have great-great grandmothers who everyone at the event is directly related to, and then you have toddlers that belong to that woman’s great-great grandchildren. Point being, it’s quite a range of different demographics. As such, you’ll want to make sure that you plan out a multitude of different activities that everyone can enjoy. Put together some games that kids will enjoy, and then also have some ways for adults to get together and catch up on their lives.

Structured activities are ideal — and sometimes required — for reacquainting family who haven’t seen one other in years. Another goal of the Roots reunions is to encourage the sharing of family history information. Plan activities that appeal to a wide variety of ages and stimulate interaction across generations. But don’t pack everything into your schedule: Choose a few activities and schedule some leisure in between.

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Make sure it’s safe for everyone

Just like any big event, safety is something that should be thought about beforehand, rather than after something bad happens. With a bunch of kids running around and playing games, physical injury isn’t out of the question. Or maybe your aunt falls down after having one too many glasses of wine. Or maybe it’s summertime in a park and someone gets heat exhaustion (there are plenty of other safety concerns if it’s an outdoor event). Either way, talk through the other planners about any safety concerns that you have, and then think about ways that you can mitigate those risks.

Get creative with food and refreshments

Obviously, no family gathering isn’t complete without some food and drinks to bring everyone together. As such, you want to get creative with the options that you give people, as it is a major part of the family reunion experience. If your family reunion isn’t too big, it might be fun to make food that everyone remembers from their childhood, something that derives from tradition. Alternatively, you can do something new that people will enjoy, such as bonfire dinners (or something like that), or a drink station to make distinctive summer drinks.

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Have a backup plan

Anything may happen while preparing a large-scale event, especially when planning it a year or more in advance.
Make arrangements for a backup venue, performer, or hotel. If your event is taking place outside, you’ll need a backup plan in case of bad weather. In the event that you are unable to execute your responsibilities due to illness or other personal obligations, you should have a backup organizer in place.

Make it unique to your family’s story

One thing to remember about planning a family reunion is that you don’t want to it to feel too…corporate…for lack of a better word. This shouldn’t feel like it could be just anybody’s family reunion. Make it specific to your family, and what unites the whole lot of you. This could be dependent on your heritage, and where your family is from, or it could be dependent on an activity that everyone was encouraged to do as a child. It really depends on your specific family history.


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