How To Have Healthy Skin From A to Z!

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Do you have imperfections? White pimples, redness, blackheads, dilated pores, oily and shiny skin, dull complexion, your skin is sending you signals. You follow beauty tutorials and buy cosmetic products but nothing happens, your skin continues to give you a hard time.

We’ve all dreamed about it: having a radiant complexion, luminous skin and naturally fresh, rosy cheeks and lips. But this one does not arrive without sacrifices, unless you have kept your baby complexion, as an adult. The skin is a reflection of our health and our lifestyle. It is therefore important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy skin.   To get smooth, toned, impurity-free skin and feel more energized than ever, here are A to Z for healthy skin.


Keep away those free radicals. Its vital to keep up your antioxidants to help maintain a radiant young appearance. Antioxidants guard our skin against free radicals a negative substance for the skin. Free radicals gives us wrinkles from the sun, harmful environment, poor diet and smoking. Free radicals aim is to destroy skin cells. Make sure you have a diet rich in antioxidants such as green tea to protect your skin and keep your skin looking young.

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid)

Research suggests that hydroxy acids can reduce aging in our skin! hydroxy acids are mainly used as an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells in the epidermis and promote the production of new healthy skin cells. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) such as salcylic acid has been show to decrease fine lines, sun damage and aging if used daily!


Collagen is the component that holds skin tissue together while providing firmness and structure to the skin. When collagen becomes weak the skin tends to sage and age. To increase collagen production there are essential vitamins such as vitamin c that are needed topically and internally in the body.


Your diet will influence your skin dramatically. What you put in your body will reflect the healthiness of your skin. You could use the most expensive skincare with lots of active ingredients but without a healthy diet to complement your skincare you want get very good results. To freshen your skin its important to include fish, ground flaxseed, vitamin A (carrots, sweet potatoes, dark greens veges) and vitamin E (hazelnuts & almonds).


Daily exercise is not only beneficial for your mind and body it also helps keeps your skin healthy. Exercise increases blood flow which helps carry away waste products including free radicals from working cells!


There is a layer of dead skin that sits on the epidermis. If this dead skin layer is not exfoliated your skincare products will not penetrate into the skin. Your skin needs exfoliation daily or it will become aged and lifeless. Exfoliation will stimulate circulation which will bring blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin and this releases healthy skin cells. There are many exfoliaters which are designed to be used daily on your skin these exfoliaters are the most beneficial to your skin.

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Fish contains oils that will help keep the cells healthy by keeping out damaging components and allowing nutrients to enter the cells and waste products to exit and this will help nourish your skin. Including fish in your diet 2-3 times a week for lunch and/or dinner will add luster and softness to your complexion.

Green Tea

It is a powerful antioxidant that is found in many Juveneu products and is also a great internal source that will help prevent aging. Green tea has also been found to contain compounds that eliminate cancer causing free radicals.


When you have a good supply of water and moisture in the body the skin will function at an optimal level leaving the healthy and glowing. To truly moisturise the skin you must get water into the inside. Skincare products can make a difference with adding moisture to the skin although drinking 8-10 glasses a day is the answer to ultimate hydration for the body and therefore the skin!

IPL skin rejuvenation offers a solution to improve the texture, quality, color and health of your skin. IPL is not laser, it is a broad wavelength light that is pulsed onto the skin and can eliminate a number of skin conditions including broken capillaries, redness in the skin, rosaccea, pigmentation, age spots and freckles.

Jessners Peel

It contains salicylic and lactic acid to deeply exfoliate the damaged layer of skin which will peel the skin naturally. After around 5 days when the skin has finished peeling the skin will feel smoother, radiant and healthy. A Jessner’s Peel is excellent for people who suffer from mild to severe acne, sun damage or if you want a natural and healthy glow. 

K (Vitamin)

It is great for repair under the eyes. It helps to strengthen the blood vessels and helps to reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes!

Lactic Acid (milk extract)

Lactic acid is well known as an effective anti-aging treatment dated way back to ancient time when Cleopatra used to bath in milk. Lactic Acid is found in many skincare products as an effective anti aging ingredient as it is powerfully hydrating and can exfoliate dead skin cells without irritating the skin.

Mineral Makeup

This is a great way to cover the skin without the harmful effects of chemicals. Mineral makeup contains no synthetic preservatives, dyes or fragrances that can harm your skin. Mineral makeup is in fact so pure it does not support the growth of bacteria, mold or fungus which allows you to use your product for a long period of time without putting contamination onto your skin. Mineral makeup contains natural sunscreen, foundation, concealer and powder all in one giving the ultimate healthy cover and natural glow.

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As we age the skins natural moisture levels decline which is why applying moisturizer daily is essential for healthy skin. Using a good moisturiser daily will replenish and form a protective barrier to prevent essential water loss! Make sure you have a nourishing night Perfect Radiance with essential anti aging ingredients to nourish and balance your skin.


Sweet almond oil, grapefruit, grape seed, oil, rose hip & avocado oil. Essential oils are beneficial on the skin as they smooth, tone, and intensely hydrate the skin. Lather your skin in the essential oils for complete body bliss!

Pomegranate Extract

It is found in many anti aging skincare products because it reduces inflammation and helps protect against free radical damage and promote skin regeneration. Pomegranate also helps reduce the breakdown of collagen and can prevent wrinkling and sagging.

Q10 Enzyme

This is a very powerful antioxidant found naturally in every cell and tissue in the human body. It’s function include helping to produce energy, neutralize free radicals and keep cells healthy in the skin. Aging and stress can reduce the levels of CoQ10 in the body so it’s important to have moisturizes that contain CoQ10 or take it topically as it is known as one of the most accurate ingredients to decrease aging in the skin.


It is another very powerful anti-aging ingredient. Retinol helps skin produce collagen, can help reduce discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. It also helps stimulate cell turn over and can reduce the appearance of acne.


Should be worn everyday as a protection against the number 1 factor of aging- the sun. Most daily moisturizers these days contain a sunscreen. The sun is so damaging your skin can be damaged from just 5 minutes exposure with no sunscreen and it wont show on your skin for years later. Find a moisturizer that suits your skin and contains a sunscreen.

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Tanning has become increasingly popular worldwide as a safe alternative to having a healthy natural tan. Spray tan solutions and self tanners use such advanced technology to create a natural tan that sometimes it is hard to tell if you have a fake tan or not. Make sure you try out a few different tanning salons and have a self tanner handy to top up or healthy golden glow without damaging your skin!


It is a ingredient found in some skincare products. Urea reduces the amount of water lost through the epidermis aids skin cell regeneration.

Vitamins A, C, D & E

These vitamins are the most beneficial vitamins to the skin.A lack of vitamins can make the skin lifeless, blotchy, dry or oily. A variety of vitamins are essential to maintain the healthiness within the skin. Vitamin A on the skin will boost collagen, bright the skin and improve overall skin texture. Vitamin C is very healing to the skin and rejuvenates while stimulating collagen. Vitamin D is an antioxidant and protects the skin while maintaining health in the cells. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and protects the skin against free radicals and can prevent skin damage caused by scarring.


I’m sure you have heard it before. Drink more water and you will have healthy skin. Your body has a number of functions through the day. It works 100% better when it has an adequate supply of water including the skin. Your skin will appear supple, bright and healthy with sufficient supplies of water on the inside. Drink those 8-10 glasses a day or 2 750ml bottles!

Xanthan Gum

It is used in the beauty industry to prepare water gels. The gum is said to have some skin hydrating properties and is found in hydrating moisturizers.

Youthful appearance

Follow this A to Z guide and you will be sure to have healthy skin and a youthful appearance through out your life. 


Finally taking zinc tablets daily will repair damage skin tissue caused by scarring and can also heal any wounds. If you are lacking


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