How To Avoid Cup Lid Clutter in Your Kitchen

how to declutter your cup lids

Do you ever have trouble deciding where to put particular items in your home? For some reason, no matter how hard you try to organize or tidy anything, it never seems to work out. That area seems to find its way back to chaos and clutter in a matter of days (or hours, right?!). I’m having similar problem in a couple of places in our kitchen. There are just some areas that refuse to be clutter free. One of those areas happens to be with our cup lids.

My family seems to gather cups and water bottles left and right, always receiving a new cup or water bottle at various occasions, especially because we are a family who attends various meetings and tournaments. What happens is that we put the new one in the cabinet but don’t get rid of any of the old ones, and before we know it, we’re overrun and they’re flowing out every time we open it.

Want to tame your cup lid clutter? I have included exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

In the past I have attempted to tame our cup lid clutter by returning each of the lids to their cups. Well, I was the only one on board for that attempt so we know how well that turned out (it didn’t). Then, I tried to just corral all the lids into one area with a small bowl. Nope, didn’t like that way either. It seemed to take up too much room. I was, once again, at a loss.

Luckily for you (and me), I found the solution. I say I found it because I literally stumbled upon it while watching my friend, Andi’s video. She wasn’t even talking about the way she organized her cup lids, but it caught my eye while listening to how she organizes other parts of her kitchen. Interested in her video? You can check it out on her website, Good Life Organizing. Or, You can watch the YouTube video below.

As soon as I saw this video I knew it was an answer to one of my problems. I pulled out my stash of Command Hooks and got busy. This project took me 30 minutes to complete. And that’s including all the pictures I was taking along the way to share with you.

So, are you ready to tame your cup lid clutter? I have included exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

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Items needed:

Now this is genius! Who would have thought I would've finally found an answer to the clutter in my kitchen cabinet

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cup lid clutter steps

  1. Gather all your cup lids, this is actually a great time to go through them and declutter if needed.
  2. Count how many hooks you will need.
  3. Making sure you have enough room, place the lid on the hook and mark the placement off with a pencil.
  4. Move to your next spot and mark the placement there as well. I marked my whole row before I placed the command hooks.
  5. Take your ruler and make sure all your marks are even across your row.
  6. Begin placing your hooks on that row.
  7. Repeat each row until done.


There is a certain type of Command Hook you have to use for this project since you probably have different types of lids. This one is the command hook that works best for this project. What makes this command hook great for this project is the hook moves if needed to fit your lid better.

If you have younger kids who can get their own drinks, put their lids on the bottom row so they are able to reach them.


cup lid before and after
I didn’t inform anyone in my house what I was doing. When our daughter walked in, as I was finishing up, her response said it all. She said, “Wow Mom, that’s so cool. I love that. Can you make sure you put them low enough so I can reach them.” I knew it was a winning project with that response.

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Tips To Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the messiest room in my house. I get really annoyed when I walk in and see that I am going to be cleaning it. So I started the kitchen declutter process. As soon as I decluttered the pantry and refrigerator, I realized that it helped me work on other areas of the house too.

You should make your kitchen work for you, not the other way around. Having to visit multiple cupboards and drawers all over the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea is hardly the most efficient use of your space. Your kitchen should be organized to make your life easier, not to be decorated like a living room. Placing seldom-used items in the middle of the countertop and having to scour all the cupboards to find what you need is not the most practical way to use your space.  In order to eradicate the problem for good, I suggest that you gradually implement actions to have THE perfect kitchen.

And what exactly does a perfect kitchen entail? It’s a kitchen that’s simple to use and clean/store (and when I say simple, I mean fast; otherwise, I’m not interested…). We’ll adopt a method based on ease of cleaning rather than ease of use to reach this goal, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try to make something simple to use! Instead, store anything you don’t use regularly further away and consider reorganizing your kitchen around your most frequent activities.

Kitchen Utensils and Dishes

Let’s start with the big one: kitchen utensils (along with small equipment) and dishes. These two types of objects are frequently stored in the kitchen. Everything that is used to cook meals, from the paring knife to the saucepan, is referred to as kitchen equipment. To make it easy for you and avoid spending hours and hours on it in one day, which can be depressing or exhausting, I recommend starting with a small drawer or cabinet.

Aside from storing your regularly used culinary tools in a canister on the counter, there are additional options. If you don’t have enough drawer space, a simple towel bar and “S” hooks can be used to hang your utensils on the wall and out of the way. For example, you can create a tea room where the cups, tea bags, kettle (example of a cheap designer kettle) and teaspoons are all in one place.

The most essential thing is to get your foot in the door, even if you only spend 15 minutes on it. It can easily devolve into a game. I’ve got 15 minutes to spare, so let’s get a little drawer emptying, cleaning, sorting and tidying. If clutter is contagious, so is order when you start to have a few drawers and closets well organized, you want to bring everything else in line.

Working in Untapped Space

The areas around the refrigerator and in the corners of a kitchen are the most underutilized. However, with a little creativity, they may be transformed into fantastic storage areas. Build short shelves between the refrigerator and the counter for spices and other small items. Install corner shelves to store pots, pans, dishes, and other kitchen items.

Store Kitchen Items Conveniently

It’s not only about having easy access to the items you use most frequently when it comes to convenient storage. It’s also about better organizing your least-used goods. If you have a heavy item, for example, make sure it is placed somewhere low so you don’t have to worry about it falling on you. Similarly, objects that are only used for special occasions, such as fine cutlery for a dinner party, should be stored in a clearly labelled box and kept in a closet, ready to be used as needed.

Decluttering as a Cognitive Process

Throwing stuff away is a mental activity. It’s all about weighing the relative benefits of retaining or rejecting something. There are also emotional aspects to it. We buy souvenirs not because they are valuable in and of themselves, but because seeing them brings back memories. Some things simply make us happy. Or made us smile the first time we saw them. Some objects are lovely, and when we look at them, we get a sense of admiration. Our possessions reveal something about who we are, especially in a culture of plenty.

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What is certain is that if you make the decision to declutter, to live differently, the mess will not come back because you will have decided! It is important that you make this decision, when you will set up a real action plan, an in-depth sorting (you can be helped by a home organizer or a tidying coach), this decision will happen, for sure! You will not spend all this energy in vain, this is a promise that I make to you and that you will make to yourself!

I hope this is one of those projects that excites you as much as it did me. It is such a simple fix to a frustrating problem. And it’s one I wished I had thought of. But, am so grateful I have a friend like Andi who did. If you loved this idea, I would love it if you shared it with all your friends. The share buttons are at the end (or beginning) of this post.


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