Green Toys Ambulance Doctor Kit Closed Box Review

Green Toys Ambulance Doctor Kit Closed Box

I received this as a gift from Green Toys! I wanted to wait a full week to give a thorough review of this toy. Green Toys creates safe, environmentally friendly toys for children. They are boosting environmental awareness while providing items that are unquestionably safe.

Green toys are one of my top recommendations because they don’t require batteries, allowing your child to utilize their imagination and be a kid. Their toys can be played with indoors, outside, alongside, at the table, on the road, and even in bed.

Play Time


My daughter has pretty much played with this toy every day since receiving it. In between now and getting the toy I actually got really sick so she enjoyed playing doctor. She could easily move it from the basement playroom to our upstairs bedroom. There is a little handle that she can easily grab and move it around.



She decided to bring some of the piece outside and they got rained on. I wanted to take this opportunity to throw the parts into the dishwasher. To my surprise there was no color fading or melting of the parts. They do say most of their toys are dishwasher safe, which I LOVE! I can sanitize (holla at you daycare providers) and let her get as dirty as she wants. If you use this in the sandbox or any of their other toys then I would recommend cleaning them every month or so. Heck even if you only want to wash them at the end of the year then I think they will hold up really well.


I don’t think I can say this enough, but these are the toys you should be buying for your children or as gifts. They are hands down the best designed toy and most sustainable toy. Not only are they made out of recycled materials they will last from child to child. Plus let’s never forget you can put them in the dishwasher! 10 out of 10 and would 100% recommend this toy to ANYONE!


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