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Healthy hair is a gift that increases your beauty and appeal. The majority of people suffer from hair problems like dandruff fragile and brittle hair. Split ends hair that is frizzy and rough shiny hair, and loss of hair too. Each of these hair issues require special attention and care to be resolved.

As your hair is as it is exposed to many factors that can weaken and damage it. Keeping the hair in the desired condition requires the right routine and natural treatments. Fortunately, there are some options that will require little effort or time and will give you amazing results.

So, we have collected some best tips and tricks for the healthy hair that are extremely effective. Just scroll down to get the ideas and get rid of hair problems at all!


Hair needs certain nutrients, which it absorbs through the hair roots. If you don’t get enough of them, they can appear thin and brittle. Important hair suppliers are iron, zinc, selenium, copper and calcium – but also essential fatty acids and protein. Of the vitamins, especially A, C, E, H and the B vitamins have an influence on the hair. If you want to do your hair good, you should take in these nutrients sufficiently through food.

Vitamins if are taken according to the recommended dosage, make your hair strong, healthy and beautiful. Vitamin A for example has anti-oxidant properties that allows the flexibility and the shine of our hair. Vitamin A also stimulates the production of sebum, which protects the hair from damage.

Vitamin C is known for its important role in the proper functioning of our immune system. But it also has benefits for your hair. A sufficient intake of vitamin C is necessary for the proper functioning of hair cells and scalp cells. This will prevent you from having hair that is too greasy or too dry. In addition, vitamin C, like the other best vitamins for hair, also helps slow down cell aging. You will therefore reduce the risk of hair loss.

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We know that the purpose of shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp. Therefore, when buying this product, you should consider the characteristics of your hair to select the most favorable one.

Oily hair, dry hair, normal hair, damaged hair, split ends, weak hair, falling hair and the rough hair are some types of the hair. So, choose the shampoo according to the hair type you have!

Salt-free shampoos have been popular for some time now. More than being a fad or commercial gimmick, you should know that salt does not bring real benefits to your hair. However salt can cause frizz to increase and depletes the natural moisture of your hair which prevents you from having beautiful, healthy hair. If you’re using techniques like straightening, deep massages or hydration, it is crucial to apply a shampoo without salt to maximize the results.

Our recommendation is to opt for a shampoo that is as natural as possible.

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Avoid Heat


Whether it’s a blow dryer, straightener, curling iron or hot water that’s too hot, hair and scalp don’t like heat. Let your hair air dry if possible. If you can’t do it without a blow dryer or other hair styling tools, don’t turn the appliance to the hottest setting and be careful never to expose your hair to heat for too long. Always hold the hair dryer in the direction of growth of the hair, so that the cuticle does not stand up and always keep the blow dry air slightly in motion.

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Comb Your Hair Daily

Brushing your hair every day several times stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which makes our hair grow longer and healthier. If you want a soft and longer mane, then it’s time to become an ally of combs and brush your hair two or three times a day.

Avoid Hot Shower

A hot shower may be relaxing for the body, but it is very bad for your hair. . The heat of the hot shower makes your hair weaker and brittle. The temperature increases sebum secretion from the scalp, facilitating seborrhea and increased hair loss.

Hot shower removes the layer that provides natural moisture and protection to the hair, leaving it dry, dull and frizzy. Therefore, the ideal is to wash your hair with lukewarm water. And when you bathe with hot water in winter, don’t stand under the hot water for an eternity.

Avoid Sun Exposure

If you introduce the sun exposure to your hair mostly, you are making your hair harmed! Hair loss, weak hair, brittle hair, split ends and the rough hair are the problems that arise mostly after the sun exposure. So before going outside, to the beach or the pool, it is important to apply a sunscreen directly to the hair. This will ensure that exposure to the sun does not end up taking its toll.

Sunscreens are best used after a shower and will last all day depending on which one you use. If we think our hair is at too much risk from the sun we can also use an accessory to protect us.

Remove knots carefully

Knots are a common hair problem and can become a big problem for your hair if you don’t treat them correctly. Some people get rid of knots abruptly and this is not the way to do it.

If we cut our hair to remove knots, the sole consequence is that we do harm to the hair. An effective trick? Use a small amount of Jojoba or coconut oil on the knot, then let it rest for a couple of minutes before removing the knot.

Wash hair properly


For keeping your hair smell fresh and beautiful hair washing is a crucial aspect of taking care of your hair. However, you must be sure to cleanse your hair with hair products for hair care every third or second day. Sebum that is produced by the scalp is nourishing for hair and doesn’t allow it to dry so quickly.

After washing, first massage the shampoo well for about 40 seconds. Then wash away and go through the entire procedure. After that, condition your hair using balm or conditioner to make hair easier to brush the hair from inside out.

Use Conditioner

A conditioner closes the cuticle of the hair, making it softer and shinier. It also makes the hair easier to comb. The same principle applies to conditioner as to shampoo: the right choice results from the combination of needs.

Dry or damaged hair in particular needs a lot of moisture. If your hair has been stressed and dried out by bleaching, NIVEA Hair Milk All-Around Conditioner is suitable.

Cut your hair

Cutting your hair regularly is a good thing. Because once the tips are broken, split ends develop. And it moves further and further upwards. If the hair then splits right down to the roots, it will fall out.

Tip: For long hair we recommend cutting every 3-4 months, for short hair every 6 weeks if possible!

Oil Hair Massage

Oiling is one of the best kinds of remedies of hair care. Hair grows better and healthier when the scalp is well supplied with blood. Regular scalp massages are ideal. But feel free to lend a hand yourself: Simply knead the scalp gently with your fingers 1x a day for a few minutes.

Do oil massage on your scalp and the roots of the hair will grow well. You can use olive oil, almond oil, amla oil, coconut oil and any other oil like these to massage your hair and scalp!

Moisturize your hair

Hair becomes dry when the sebaceous glands in the scalp do not produce enough oil. In fact, this oil acts as a natural mask that makes the hair soft and supple. To keep your hair from becoming brittle, split ends or dandruff, you need to be very careful with the hair care products you choose.  It’s important to choose a product that contains few drying foaming agents and more conditioning oils and moisturizing components.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is another amazing trick in order to get the healthy hair. If you add vitamins, minerals, proteins, water, oils and the carbs in a balanced way that is recommended, you will get the strong, shiny and healthy hair soon!


Hair is made up of the protein units. So, if you want to get the healthy and strong hair, you will have to take the protein diet like eggs, fish, poultry, milk, and the dairy products. These protein foods will help you get the beautiful and attractive hair!

Right Way To Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair in the wrong way affects the hair health in a bad way! So, brush your hair in the right direction and the right way. Be careful while combing your hair strands. Make the sections of your hair and then comb each section turn by turn, it will protect your hair from the damage.

Avoid Straightener

If you have frizzy hair and you are habitual to straighten them by the electric straightener. Frequent use of the straightener on your hair could damage your hair health. So, prevent the heat damage to your hair and get the healthy hair!

Hair Curler

Hair curler also induces the heat to your hair in order to curl them. Hair curlers could harm your hair strands a lot! So, do not make the hairstyles with the use of electric curlers as these damage the hair health.

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Tight Braids Hair Loss

Avoid the hairstyle called as the tight braids! Tight braids make the hair weaker and hair tends to fall. The hair damage by the tight braids is very common among the girls, so avoid tight hairstyles!

Right Way Of Conditioning Hair

The right way of conditioning your hair is after the shampoo. Shampoo your hair and then apply the conditioner on the hair. Leave the distance of about 3 inches from the roots of the hair and proceed applying the conditioner till the ends of the hair. Then massage for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.

Hair Masks

Hair masks like the honey mask, egg mask, yogurt mask, avocado mask, oily mask, aloe vera and honey mask and other hair masks like that are the best solution to take care of your hair. So, apply the hair masks on your hair once a week and get the strong, shiny, healthy and beautiful hair!


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