Egg White Mask For Your Face

Eggs are an integral part of our lives, whether we’re making a pretty cake or a beauty recipe. They have proven their benefits time and time again! So it’s not for nothing that there are several face masks that are made with egg whites.

Egg white is a great way to remove blackheads or help with your acne. It not only cleanses your pores, it will also tighten them temporarily and preventing bacteria and dirt from entering. If you ever tried baking soda or lemon juice before (which I strongly advise against), you will have noticed how drying it can be. Egg white does not have a similar effect, it is much less drying than most remedies.

Why Egg White is Great For Skin

Proteins, minerals (zinc, iron, potassium), lipids, and a variety of vitamins make up the egg (A, D, E, B2, B5, B9, B12). It is an important element of our diet, and its consumption is beneficial to our health. The egg not only satisfies our bodies, but it also entices our skin and hair by providing several advantages. The white part of the egg contains collagen and protein, which are two very important skincare ingredients that can fight skin inflammation and kill the bacteria in your pores.

These advantages are split between the yolk and the white of the egg. The yolk is used to hydrate and nourish the skin and hair, as well as to balance out skin tone. The egg white, on the other hand, tightens pores, kills acne-causing bacteria, and reduces sebum production. It hydrates and shines hair when applied on it.


The proteins in an egg white mask moisturize the skin, which effectively plumps the skin and makes wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable. However, this effect is temporary. The egg white mask can be used to provide a skin tightening effect. Applied as a face mask, egg white: tightens pores, tightens mature skin, and heals problem skin (acne)

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Let’s get started

How to apply an egg white mask

What you need

  1. An egg
  2. Toilet paper
  3. A bowl
  4. A face towel


Crack the egg over your bowl and hold the eggshell so the yolk doesn’t fall out but the white part does. To get all the egg white out you can keep moving the yolk from one part of the shell to the other.

  1. Wash your face and pat it dry
  2. Apply the first layer  on your face
  3. Place some toilet paper on top of the first layer
  4. Let your first layer dry and apply a second one carefully
  5. Repeat 2x and let everything dry
  6. Peel off the toilet paper and wash face
  7. Apply toner & moisturize

You will instantly notice how many blackheads have disappeared after using this method. Your pores will be closed temporarily, so you will have to do this once every few days for lasting results.

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Side Effects Of Egg Mask

While for most people an egg white mask will clear out acne and prevent breakouts. It is also possible to cause the opposite reaction with certain individuals.

Raw eggs contain salmonella, it is very important to wash your face properly and even apply a toner to kill of the bacteria and prevent food poisoning.

Just like any other skincare method it can cause skin irritation. It is important to always be careful when applying new things on your face. If you see any negative effects stop immediately and consult your dermatologist if you want to proceed with this method.


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