Easy DIY Flaxseed Gel Serum Recipe For Healthy Hair

Easy flaxseed serum recipe

The flax seeds are rich in nutrients that we can take not only through delicious food. The flax seeds have a nourishing effect on our hair. The small seeds swell quickly in water and have a lot of mucilage. This consistency is reminiscent of a hair gel. But unlike the hair gel from the tube, the homemade flaxseed gel as a hair care product has many advantages that you should definitely use for your hair.

Flax seeds, slippery elm and marshmallow root all contain polysaccharides, which are essentially sugars. When these plants come in contact with water the polysaccharides are released, creating a slippery mucilage semi-liquid. Polysaccharides are highly emollient, which means when they are applied to the skin or hair they are super hydrating and moisturizing.

At PH 4 and with the highest amount of polysaccharides in plants, it’s easy to see why aloe vera comes highly recommended for skin and hair care. Aloe vera is the ultimate moisturizer. For variation, the combination of flax seeds and slippery elm is an option.

The left overs can be frozen and used over again, which makes this diy flaxseed gel/serum more economical than plain aloe vera.

DIY Flaxseed Gel Recipe

You don’t have to be a DIY professional to make flaxseed gel yourself. You probably already have everything you need at home, or you can get it at the supermarket. The preparation of the flaxseed gel is quiet simple. You can also be sure that you will end up with a natural product without synthetic additives.

For hair care, it’s best to use brown flaxseeds, as they contain more omega-3 fatty acids than golden ones. Conveniently, they are also cheaper. Here are steps to make DIY flaxseed gel.

  1. Add the flaxseeds, slippery elm and two cups of water in a pot
  2. On medium heat, bring to a boil. Once the mixture has boiled lower the heat to slow the boil and allow for mucilage release for about 6 minutes
  3. Remove from heat and filter the gel while it’s still hot. Cooling will thicken the gel and make it much harder to filter from the herbs so filter as soon as the mix is removed from the stove
  4. Allow the gel to thicken and cool to about room temperature
  5. In a separate bowl, add one tablespoon of Shea Water Soluble and then your essential oils. Mix throughly.
  6. Add your Shea and essential oils to the cooled gel and mix thoroughly. The Shea WS should completely dissolve into the gel/serum
  7. Add 1/2 teaspoon of preservative and bottle. If you skip preservative keep the flaxseed gel refrigerated and watch out for rancidity. Discard within two weeks of use maximum

For my light density 4C hair, this flaxseed gel (I prefer serum because of it’s thin consistency) is intended to be a water-based moisturizer, which is why I add slippery elm or marsh mallow root. Even though my 4C texture is prone to drying out, I don’t blindly moisturize daily. Instead, I watch and feel my hair then make hair care decision based on the condition of my hair.

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If you use this flaxseed gel/serum consistently you should notice your hair softening and more texture definition. I’m a true 4C with no visible texture definition from a far (cotton-like appearance). Usually I have to squint (or wet my hair) to see the million of tiny curls but with this serum, I can instantly see the definition, even with a light spritz.

Why You Should Use Flaxseed Gel/Serum For Your Hair

While most people only know flaxseed as a healthy ingredient for breakfast, for example in muesli or porridge, the power seeds have long been known among curly heads as a moisturizer, in the form of gel for the hair.  First and foremost, flax seeds are high in moisture, which makes hair fuller and is beneficial to the cuticle, which surrounds the actual hair. Flaxseed is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and they help to strengthen hair, enhance suppleness, and keep the scalp moist.

Flaxseed also contain B vitamins, which are not only  good for the body physically, but they also give your hair a beautiful luster. Additionally flaxseed possesses anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. It aids in the relief of rashes and irritated skin. With regular use of homemade flaxseed gel, you can not only avoid frizz, but also prevent split ends. Not only women with curls can benefit from flaxseed gel. It is also suitable as a moisturizing leave-in treatment, which is lighter than many hair oils.

How to use the DIY flaxseed gel/serum

  1. Water-based moisturizer
  2. Light-hold styling serum to refresh twist out/ braid out
  3. Mixing medium for weekly muds (I add aloe vera juice as well)
  4. Thin out thicker conditioners
  5. Thin out with aloe vera and voilah, you have a moisturizing spritz with a heavenly scent

Remember water-based moisturizers have to be sealed with oil/butters in order to lock them into the hair strand.  I usually follow with an aloe vera cream or the hydration hair cream (available here) then seal with a butter or oil. The flaxseed gel is suitable for all hair types. Curly, straight hair, dry hair, fine hair: every texture benefits from the nutrient-rich flaxseed gel. The first time you try it, you should massage a small amount into damp hair so as not to weigh them down too much. If they still have frizz after drying, you can use a little more next time.

How long flaxseed gel/serum is good for use

If you keep the flaxseed gel in the refrigerator, it will last for one to two weeks. In an ice cube tray, you can easily divide the gel. Depending on the length of your hair and your needs, one portion should suffice. Thus, the flaxseed gel is frozen also longer shelf life.

The amount of flaxseed gel you’ll need is determined by the length and texture of your hair. If your hair is particularly dry, apply a little more hair gel. It’ll feel strange at first, so pay attention to how the consistency affects your hair and how much flaxseed gel you’ll need.

PS: Flaxseeds are a super food and an awesome source of iron. Eat them at every chance you get. I roast them with Cauliflower or grind a teaspoon into my smoothies. Remember what you put in internally is more important than what’s on the external. Healthy body = Healthy hair!


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