Doomsday Shelters: Buy or Build?

Doomsday is the modern term for a catastrophe occurring throughout the planet Earth. Some people are calling it an apocalypse, end of life, end of the world, or Armageddon. Regardless of what you call it, doomsday is going to change the way society behaves and severely affect lives throughout the world. One of the things people are doing to prepare for a supposed doomsday is building shelters or bunkers. They’re similar to bomb shelters, but built specifically for a future doomsday.

What is a Doomsday Shelter?

Doomsday shelters are very similar to the old war bunkers built after World War II. They include all the necessities, ranging from canned food and bottled water, to the ability to install a cooking stove, and plenty of clothing and blankets.

They aren’t large and not meant to fit a lot of people – they’re really just for immediate family members. They’re meant to be short-term shelters after a doomsday or other catastrophic event, usually built underground. Many “survivalists” are beginning to

build their own

doomsday shelters while others are purchasing them already built.

Included in the Shelters

Each doomsday shelter is different and includes a wide range of items. Typically, it starts with water and food. The water is used for washing and cleaning, as well as for drinking water. Many shelters also have some kind of septic system and cooking stove that is powered by gas. They usually have a stockpile of
blankets, clean clothing, flashlights and batteries, radios, and a first aid kit. Consider what’s in your survival kit, and make sure your shelter includes that but in larger quantities.

Growing Market for Shelters

Surprisingly enough, there’s a growing market for shelters. There are contractors who are starting to build doomsday shelters and selling them to individuals and families interested in the extra protection. If you own a business, you might also consider having a shelter for the workplace just in case a disaster occurs while you’re at work. The prices for shelters vary based on the company selling them, how large they are and what they include.

How to Build Your Own

The other option you have is to build your own shelter. If you’re looking for plans for doomsday shelters, try using other terms such as survival bunker or

fallout shelter

. These tend to be more common, but are essentially the same thing.

By building your own, you control the materials used, how much it costs to build, the size, location and what you decide to put inside. The low side of building your own is around $40,000, while $100,000 is average. You get to tailor your shelter to the specific needs of your family, depending on your budget.

Doomsday shelters require a lot of thought and planning. You need to consider your budget, your needs, the suitability of your property and a whole host of other factors. If you live next to a body of water, you may need to call in a

lake management company

to make sure your shelter doesn’t flood. Whether you buy one readymade or build your own, creating a proper doomsday shelter will take a lot of work.

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