DIY Gift Ideas: 3 Back-to-School Presents Your Best Friend Will Love

The clock is ticking, and long hours of school stretch out before us like the Sahara Desert. Give your besty a morale boost with these 3 awesome, back-to-school gifts she’ll love and use throughout the year!

These super cheap, no-brainer DIY gift ideas will be a ‘cold drink of water’, giving her courage for the trek!

DIY Gift: Picture Frame

What cuter way to jot down notes than a personalized write-on-wipe-off picture frame? I saw this on pinterest and loved it.These things are being sold on etsy for about 13 bucks –personally, way too much to take out of my wallet at one time, even for my best friend. So I decided to make it myself!

I’m sure we all have an old picture frame ‘hanging’ around the house somewhere, so let’s dig through our junk and upcycle! Paint the frame, sandwich coordinating scrapbook paper inside, and write a sweet note with a write-on-wipe-off pen! Feel free to be super creative and embellish any way you want!

Emoji stuff is all the rage right now. Why? Because they are so hilariously funny and delightful! These emoji locker magnets are the perfect little guys to hold things to a locker door with a grin, wink, or tears.

They are super easy to make! Just follow these simple instructions, and your besty’s locker will instantly be the cutest.

DIY Gift: Notebook

I think each of my girly friends has received more than one notebook I recovered. Seriously, they are my ALL-time-favorite, inexpensive gift to give! These personalized notebooks aren’t as complex as they look, in fact I’ve had friends hold me in awe until I told them I had whipped it up the night before. 😉 I highly suggest you ‘bling’ a couple pencils to go with, which I’ll explain how to do in a second. First, let’s launch into beautifying boring spiral-bounds…

Grab your notebook (any size), pliers, glue stick, scissors, twisty tie, and some festive scrapbooking paper.

Unbend both ends of the spiral with your pliers. Try to keep the spiral the same curliness and not smash it’s shape. 🙂

Put the twisty tie all the way through a middle hole in the pages and back cover (avoid the front cover!)  and twist it together. This keeps all the pages from flying around while you are scrapbooking the front cover. 🙂

Now you can work the spiral out of the holes and totally off the notebook. Just don’t lose it! You’ll be putting it back on at the end.

Scrapbook, embellish, and pour over the cover. Think about what colors and styles your friend likes, and try a bunch of stuff. If you accidently get the wrong side all gluey like I did, just cover it too!

With a pin, poke through the original notebook holes.

Lay the cover on the notebook and work the spiral back on, making sure it goes through ALL the layers and out the other side before continuing on to the next hole.

Re-bend the ends underneath the curls, remove the twistie tie, and ta-da! A super cute, professional looking, and personalized notebook all ready to go! Great job!

DIY Gift: Pencils

Make some fancy pencils to go with the notebook’s color scheme! You need a couple pencils, washi tape, white glue, GLITTER! And clear nail polish.

1.Wrap the pencils in washi tape, angling downward and slightly overlapping each layer.

2.Dump some glitter on a paper plate and glob a bunch of white glue nearby.

3.Trying not to get the eraser gluey, roll the metal part on the pencil in the glue.

4.Then roll it in the glitter so that there is a super thick layer covering the metal.

5.Once that has fairly dried, apply layer after layer of clear nail polish over top to seal the glitter from getting all over everything. This will save you from the wrath of all males in the vicinity. 🙂

Thus, blingy pencils!

Make sure to package these gifts adorably, and present them to your best friend with a sweet note!

Hope you enjoyed these DIY gift ideas!


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