Best Essential Oils For Skin Tags And Moles Treatment

Skin Tags

We all like beautiful and glowing skins, free of any imperfection, such as tags and moles. When they happen, though harmless, they can be a nuisance, or cause reduced self-esteem or cosmetic concerns. Also known as acrochordon, fibroepithelial polyp, or soft fibromas, skin tags are mild tumors that occur in areas of friction on the skin, especially at the neck, back, under the breast, eyelids, groin or armpits.

Skin tags can also occur around the eyelids. They are usually painless but can be irritated when jewelry and clothing rub over it, or during shaving. They normally have smooth surfaces, irregular appearance, and sometimes hang from a fleshy stalk called peduncle. They should however not be confused with warts. Warts are contagious, irregular surfaces, and lay flat on the skin.

Many believe that skin tags result from friction between two skins because they are normally found in skin folds and creases. The study has shown that skin tags occur in 46% of the population. However, it occurs more in pregnant women, overweight people, diabetic patients, and older people.

Moles, on the other hand, are a result of skin cells clustering in a point instead of spreading out on the skin. These cells, called melanocytes, are responsible for skin pigmentation. Moles can either be congenital nevi or dysplastic nevi, which are larger than the former. Moles are also harmless but are likely to be cancer if they are different in appearance from the others or appear after the age of 30.

Whether skin tag or mole, essential oils have a long history for use in treating many skin conditions. They are a preferred natural and safer means of treatment, away from the prescriptions that sometimes have side effects. Using essential oils for skin tags and moles will help reinstate skin tone and help restore your confident outlook. Without having to worry about repercussions after removing the annoying skin tags, many essential oils work efficiently. I have put together some good oils for you.

What Are Best Essential Oils for Skin tags?

Frankincense Oil

Handcraft Frankicense Essential OilThe Frankincense oil is steam-distilled from the resin of frankincense tree, a plant native to India. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent aromatic oil for skin tags. Though the frankincense is used in the cosmetic world for skin toning, it also helps to fight off infections. It works by hindering blood flow to that area, causing the skin tag or mole to dry off and fall off eventually.


  • The frankincense oil is very potent and can cause severe skin irritations if used undiluted on skin tags or moles. Before use, dilute with a suitable carrier oil like coconut oil to make it mild on the skin.
  • Apply the oil with a cotton swab or fingers directly on the affected areas. Repeat application several times daily, and after 2 -3 days, you will discover changes.

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Tea Tree Oil

Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil

Often called Melaleuca Oil, the Tea tree oil is extracted from the tea tree plant native to Australia. It has healing properties and is popular around the world for treating many health conditions. It is also a natural antiseptic that kills microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and virus. It not only removes the skin tags but also hinders possible occurrences.

The optimal way to use Tea Tree essential oil is to mix a few drops with a vegetable oil and apply it to the skin of the face with a cotton pad. The essential oil of Tea Tree is very soft and can be easily tolerated by the skin. Indeed, it allows to widen the pores and to evacuate all the impurities. In this way, the skin regains its radiance and health. Tea Tree oil also helps to eliminate bacteria and fungi through its antiseptic action.

Even if it is soft, the essential oil of Tea Tree is applied diluted in a vegetable oil to avoid having a dry skin. It is also not recommended for pregnant women under 5 months and children under 3 years.


  • Before topical application, you can dilute the Tea Tree oil with coconut or olive oil. You can also blend with other oils like Lavender or Rosemary Oil. Massage the mixture on the affected areas multiple times a day. It will cut off blood supply to the area. Without blood, the mole or tag will shrink and painlessly fall off after a while.
  • After the tag falls off, rub honey or aloe vera on the area to prevent it from scarring, or forming a dark spot.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil for Face and Skin by Kate Blanc

The rose hip seed is commonly used for skin care and is excellent for treating skin tags. It is particularly high in vitamin c and essential fatty acid that help repair and revitalize the skin. Rose hip seed oil is also effective against acne, coupe rose, eczema, psoriasis.


  • To enhance its effects, you can blend the oil with a carrier oil and apply on the affected area several times daily.
  • Alternatively, you can blend one teaspoonful each of rose hip seed oil, clary sage oil and everlasting essential oil for use.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil by Carlyle

Extracted from the leaves of the Oregano, the oregano is not only useful for respiratory conditions, but also for skin care. This oil is one of the most potent essential oils for skin moles and tags that when used properly will get rid of them in a few days. The Oregano Oil has excellent healing powers, which stems from its antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that it will help shrink the mole or tag and works against skin lesions.


  • Because of its potency, you should dilute the oil with a carrier oil (coconut or olive oil) before rubbing on the affected area. Keep applying until the tag falls off eventually.

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Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil, with its viscous consistency, enters and fills the interstices of the skin of damaged hands. “In addition to its moisturizing properties, it has healing and purifying properties. It is an oil rich in ricinoleic acid (omega 9) and in fatty acids which make it possible to limit the multiplication of the germs (bacteria and yeast).

The Castor Oil is more of a carrier oil than an essential oil. However, whether used to dilute toxic essential oils or independently, it works effectively for many skin conditions, including skin moles and tags.


  • For topical application, rub the oil on the tag or mole at least 5 times daily, or more to get faster results.
  • Alternatively, you can mix the oil with baking soda to make a paste. Use the paste morning and night.

Rosemary Oil

Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Extracted from the leaves of the rosemary plant, the rosemary oil has powerful astringent and antibacterial properties. It is an excellent oil for treating skin tags and preventing future occurrences. Its antiseptic properties help prevent further infections.


  • Dilute the rosemary oil with a carrier oil before applying directly on the skin mole or tag. You can start with ten drops and apply multiple times daily to get faster results.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oilThe lemon oil is extracted from the rind of the lemon fruit and has powerful astringent properties. It works against skin moles by removing excess oils and cutting off blood supply. Within days, the skin tag dries and falls off after continuous application.


  • The Lemon oil is photosensitive and can lead to skin irritation if you go under the sun. If you use, stay away from the sunlight. Dilute the oil with your preferred carrier oil and rub over the affected area as often as possible.

Removing Skin Tags…

The process of removing skin tags and moles requires patience as it may take up to 6 weeks before it finally clears out. The Oils I listed above will work, even for skin warts. Just ensure you dilute with a carrier oil, especially if you have sensitive skin. It will make it milder on your skin but will not reduce its effect in any way. Another advisable thing is to rub Vaseline on the surrounding skin so that they will not be affected. In all my years with essential oils, I have not been disappointed, and I am sure you won’t be, too.


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