Adidas Women’s Adizero Boston 6 Review

Adidas Women's Adizero Boston 6 W Running Shoe

I have been running in the Adidas Women’s Adizero Boston 6 for over 2 months now. After running almost 300 kilometers with this new Boston model incorporating Boost technology, I am convinced of their qualities.

I had not yet run in a running shoe with all these qualities and at such a high level.

Choosing and Embracing the Adidas Adizero Boston 6

So how did I come to the Adidas Adizero Boston 6 ? Initially, I was a fan of the Brooks Ghost 13 for its light weight and dynamic qualities. I used them for interval training on the track as well as for 10K and half marathon races. It is precisely after the 20 km of Paris that I looked for a new model to change. As for the dynamism, there was nothing to complain about. As for the comfort, I felt very comfortable. On the other hand, as regards the cushioning, I felt muscular pains the days which followed the 20 km of Paris.

Was it possible to find a shoe that was just as dynamic but still comfortable and had good cushioning? By choosing the Adizero Boston 6, I think I hit the nail on the head!


In terms of comfort first, I find them well designed and I appreciate that the forefoot is narrower than some other models. Some people regret this feature but not me. I find it pleasant and even reassuring to feel the foot well maintained when the pace accelerates.


comfortable sole

The Adidas Adizero Boston 6 is a shoe for runners with a neutral footprint and daily training. The shoe weighs about 220 grams and has a 10mm drop. A lightweight, focused shoe for training at a fun pace.

The front sole is flexible, the Boost technology ensures a fast recovery after the foot is placed on the ground. The foot swings forward very quickly and without discomfort. This dynamism is felt not only at fast speeds. Even at an endurance pace, the feeling is pleasant and the result is that the sessions are easier than with other shoes. The Brooks Racer was also very dynamic but that was mostly a consequence of the very soft sole.

With the Adizero Boston 6, you feel the fact that it tilts forward with every stride. This phenomenon, which is not just a feeling, allows this new model from Adidas to reach a new level of dynamism. I broke my 10K record two weeks ago in these running shoe.


The Adidas sole is working very well right now, especially on asphalt, and this is due to its design and the compounds it uses.

The heel has the mythical AdiWear, which can withstand wind and tide, even if we are those who sand the foot. There is a good block that has been slightly separated by a large diagonal slit and also beveled so as not to disturb the foot entry.

The other compound is the Continental that gave so much fame to the soles of the house of three stripes and is now one of the best compounds that exist because it is able to combine everything: durability, dry and wet grip. The Continental sole grips very well, even on wet asphalt. So you can run without fear with these Adidas when it rains. They hold the road very well.


As for the cushioning, it is without a doubt the Boost technology that allows to reach such a level without affecting the dynamism. Although it is firm, you can feel the presence of enough cushioning to take this model on a marathon. I haven’t used it on that distance yet, but I have been to the half marathon.

It was at the Boulogne Billancourt half marathon last November. I was very satisfied because unlike the week after the 20 km of Paris where I ran in Brooks, this time, with the Adizero Boston 6, I felt absolutely no aches, no muscle pain.


  • The lightweight and snappy design make this shoe fantastic for marathon.
  • A well-constructed midsole and upper that appears to offer more support than the majority of neutral shoes.
  • Excellent grip of the sole.
  • Very durable
  • The Boost midsole cushioning is great for long run
  • Continental rubber outsoles are sticky on wet pavements and is great for trails that aren’t technical.

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I am really impressed with the shoes. Adidas is a reputable brand with a long history and they brought a comfortable, lightweight shoe on the market for runners who run distances. They weren’t at the top of a lot of our criteria, however, they consistently performed with none of the major design flaws or issues. They’re great for any runner who is who is looking for a lightweight traditional shoe with a comfortable heel.


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