Parenting Life explores everyday parental issues, from getting your baby to sleep through the night to learning how to evaluate if your playground is safe. There are countless topics to cover for moms and dads looking for answers. Parenting Life utilizes experts, personalities and exciting new products, to deliver a cutting-edge program.

Every year many million babies are born. Many to first-time parents. Needless to say, a new parent’s curiosity is endless, as is her need for new products and services. How do you reach approximately eight million adults all presented with the responsibility of providing and caring for these new little lives?

“As more mothers enter the work force, there are fewer opportunities to discuss parental concerns with other moms,” says Janice Cotton, a family development professor at Auburn University, “That is where (Parenting Life) fills a need.”

Allow me to introduce my self. I’m Kara and my mission is to help you care about food again!


I have always considered this the hardest part of writing. Tell me to write a story about toad stealing – home invading Martians, no problem. Tell me to write something about me, huh, aaa, hmmm, I am Kara. Yes, I am that talkative when it comes to me-topic. You should see me on job interviews. Did I mention that I am unemployed? Well, now we know why.
So, my name is Kara.

I love delving deeply into new health & wellness information & falling down the research rabbit hole. And I get a charge out of sharing what I learn through the written word.

Proper nutrition fuels our bodies, physical fitness makes us stronger and makeup helps us feel more confident. I hope that through my personal stories, opinions, tutorials and advice I can help women feel more beautiful inside & out!.