8 Ridiculous Rules About Hair Extensions

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Don’t Subscribe To The Absurd Notions About Extensions

With YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest guru’s, misinformation about extensions is at an all time high. Because our priority is hair truth and dedication to educate the public, I have compiled 8 ridiculous rules about hair extensions that we want to shed light on.

1). Only wash with warm water.

This rule is ridiculously false! Washing hair in cold or room temperature is always best, hair cuticles close when in contact with cold water combined with conditioner. Hair cuticles slip when in contact with hot water or heating tools.

2). Avoid washing your hair extensions.

If you are using clip-in hair extensions, washing them would put them in danger of rusting. Another downside to washing your hair extensions is that you can get them all tangle and knot up.
Okay okay, there is some truth to this! But only for synthetic or imitation virgin hair extensions, NOT Real Human Hair!

3). Sew in installs can last 6-8 months.

This rule is not for everyone. Most often, with rapid hair growth an install shouldn’t be left in for more than 2-3 months. We recommend consulting your stylist when you go in for routine treatments and upkeep.

4). Extensions Damage Your Hair.

This also is not 100% true. Many people actually use extensions or “protective styles” to grow out or give their hair a break from everyday styling. However, install techniques, over use, and keeping them in too long are a few of the many reasons extension damage your hair.

5). Extensions won’t go well with my color

This is another common mistake that usually happens when we decide to use extensions. To put this myth to rest, it is important to know that extensions come in different textures and colors. This means that you will always find one that matches your hair. Plus you can dye them to match your hair color.

6). Extensions need regular care at the salon

The myth that hair extensions demand professional care is a widespread myth. Having professional help to take care of your hair is fine, it is helpful, but not necessary. You, at home, can do a lot. With the help of necessary tools and knowledge, you can have long, flowing hair for a long period of time.

7). Don’t Swim With Extensions.

Again, rituals like this are for low quality, imitation hair. If hair is truly virgin like our Organic Human Hair, you can swim with ease without your hair tangling into a undo-able knot. After Swimming Tip: wash hair with gentle shampoo and brush the extensions while conditioning with a loop  brush aka “extension” or a wet brush.

8). With Extensions I can’t Play Sports

This belief comes from the fact that sweat can make the extensions come off, but that does not have to be so, especially and depending on the type of attachment that we wear. Extensions do not get damaged if you sweat or exercise, but, like natural hair, it is more advisable to gather it in a ponytail so that it does not bother us, but not with the idea that, otherwise, they will get damaged.


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