7 Things I Do Everyday to Help Bring Peace To Our Home

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First of all, I want to start off this post by saying that just because I do these things everyday, it does not mean that our home is always peaceful and sometimes no matter how hard I try, we have bad days. However, by pursuing to make each day purposeful, it encourages me to turn the day around and focus on ways to make it more enjoyable.

For example, I might have to take the children outside to get some fresh air, instead of deep cleaning my kitchen because when you have small children you learn to become flexible with your schedule, but I do like to have a plan for each day and sometimes I just have to switch things around.

1) Get up early

When my third child was born, I suddenly realized that I needed to have some quiet time before my kids woke up, so that I could drink my coffee in peace. I put my little son in the swing and then I read books, light a candle, drink my coffee, and make a plan for my day.

I can actually get things done without anyone screaming for me in those golden pre-dawn hours. I can take a long shower or squeeze in a quick workout. I can consume my coffee while it’s still hot and/or apply cosmetics without having to worry about being judged. I can read whatever I want, write whatever I want, and listen to whatever music I want. I value silence because it allows me to meditate and remember to relax and breathe deeply.

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Mothers who get up early are be able to keep a healthier weight and diet than those who get up later. Getting up earlier helps moms who are trying to lose weight in a few of ways. To begin with, early light aids in the melting of excess fat. Going to bed earlier permits your body to relax sufficiently so that you can get up earlier. Have a successful nighttime routine to help you get to bed early. I put a reminder on my phone to remind me when it’s time to go to bed, then I go through my usual nightly routine and then retire to bed.

2) Make a plan

Now I admit that I am a planner and not having a plan makes me a little anxious. We keep a dry erase board on our fridge where I write out our ideal plan for the day and this might sound silly to you, but it keeps me productive and motivated throughout the day. As the day goes along, I’m not strict about the schedule because with multiple little ones, sometimes plans change and that’s ok.

3) Clean one room/declutter

Having a clean home makes me happy and since I know that my life is busy, most of the time, my whole house isn’t going to clean at the same time. But I’ve learned that in this season of life, it’s ok and I would rather give my children the attention they need, than making sure that my house is spotless. By cleaning one room a day, usually the whole house is somewhat picked up by Saturday but if your Sunday mornings are anything like mine, then you are ready to start all over on Monday.

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4) Limit your children’s and your own screen time!

I’m not sure about your kids, but when my kids get too much screen time, they get fussy, moody, and irritable. Screens separate us from one another and divert our focus away from one another. If you minimize the number of displays in your home, you might notice that greater peace appears!

5) Lower your expectations

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our children to act a certain way at times. In the restaurant, don’t be too noisy. Sit very still. Act like a grownup. If you’re continuously frustrated because your child isn’t acting the way you want them to, it’s possible you need to rethink your expectations.

Please don’t misunderstand me. In various contexts, particular actions should be expected from different age groups. There are some activities that I know my five-year-old can do but not my two-year-old. Don’t place your child in a position you know will be too stressful for them, then become upset when they don’t behave the way you want?

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6) Speak calmly and respectfully

Speaking to one another with pleasant words and a friendly tone is one of the pillars of a calm family. When children hear a pleasant voice, they are more likely to respond to a request than when they hear someone shouting or overreacting with an angry diatribe. Consider this: if a coworker, spouse, or even a stranger at the store wanted to get your attention, would you rather they used a harsh tone or simply told you they needed something from you?

When parents dismiss a child’s feelings and opinions or jump in with advice, communication breaks down. Active listening entails paying attention without interrupting while attempting to comprehend the speaker’s words, feelings, and experiences. Remember that most children simply want to be heard and understood.

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7) Rest

We’re only human, and we’re trying our utmost! Please don’t be so harsh on yourself! I use to feel extremely guilty about laying down while my kids were napping because I would see other moms being so productive during their kids naptime. They would deep clean the whole house or organize a closet or knit a blanket.

I felt lazy and ashamed that I spend naptime laying in bed catching up on my favorite shows (which by the way, is The Unit right now) but now I realize that I need that time to recharge. My kids are young and it’s exhausting, especially having a 6 month old that still wakes up multiple times in the night. Dear mamas, please give yourself grace and don’t feel guilty about laying down and getting some well deserved rest. As mothers, we aren’t called to be able to do it all!


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