7 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

how to brighten your home

I’ve always preferred a bright and cheery environment in my home. This is the reason, I feel like having walls that are just plain white are boring, so all of the walls in my house are painted a cheerful color. There are lot many people who want to brighten up their homes but are not sure how to go about it. There are a plethora of things you can do to brighten up your home.

Here are Seven ways that you can get started:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Paint

One of the best ways for you to really brighten up your home is to paint a room a different color. Plain white walls are rather bright, but can be boring and lack inspiration. Instead of having boring walls, paint your walls a bright color that makes you happy. Yellow is always a happy and bright color, but really, any color you like will work. If you do not want to go overboard and have your room be too bright, opt for a pastel shade of your favorite color.

2. Add Some Artwork

Adding some artwork in your home is another excellent way of brightening things up. You can always choose some bright photographs or paintings to hang on your walls instead of painting. This is a great option if you live in a rented home and are not permitted to paint the walls. Hanging posters will also work wonderfully. You can find great artwork and photography prints for sale online.

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3. Use Mirrors at the Right Place

Mirrors should be placed opposite windows to reflect more light around the house. If your walls are large enough, you can create an eclectic look by putting together a gallery wall with various-sized mirrors. Another clever method is to strategically place a mirror at the end of a narrow hallway to make it appear larger.

4. Use Lights

Lighting can make a huge difference. The more natural light you can bring into your home in spring, the better; nevertheless, think about how you’ll fill in the spaces where natural light falls short. The higher a light source is mounted, the more natural light it can replicate. Recessed lighting is a great way to brighten up a room. You also don’t have to confine that light to your ceilings. To add even more warmth, install recessed lighting in the cabinets.

The sort of light bulbs you have in your home can make a significant difference in brightness. Instead of choosing bulbs that emit a yellowish glow that instantly makes your place appear gloomy, choose for bright white LED options that more closely resemble natural outdoor lighting.

5. Wallpaper the Room

Sometimes it can be a lot easier to paint a room than it is to wallpaper, but in the long run, wallpapering can be less of a hassle. Sure, it is quite the process when you have to do it, but the results are less permanent than painting and if you get bored with your wallpaper, you can easily take it down or cover over it with something you do like. You can find plain colored wallpapers or even a beautiful patterned wallpaper. You can add a border to the wallpaper for additional brightening.

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6. Open Up Your Curtains

This is something many people actually do not think of. It is important for you to open up your curtains to allow light into your home. This will make the entire home brighter and more inviting. Now, no one is telling you to have completely open windows that anyone passing by could easily see in, but get some venetian blinds if you must. Just keep them open during the day so that light can enter the room. After all, you’re not in a scene from “The Others” with Nicole Kidman.

7. Decorate with Bright Objects

Decorating your home is important and you will do so to your own taste. Keep in mind, however, that if you wish to have a bright, cheerful home, you will not want to decorate with dark, drab décor. Instead, choose a bright colored carpet or some bright flowers (plants work, too!) to place in a room. Having colorful accent pillows on a sofa or bright colored throws will also work wonders!

As you can see, there are many ways that you can go about brightening up your home, whether you own it or are renting. There is no reason in the world why you should have to live anywhere dull or drab when you can easily use these tips and tricks to brighten things up. After all, a brighter outlook on life creates a happier you!


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