7 Simple Tips How Can You Stay Fit as a Working Woman


Being a working woman in today’s world is hard enough. I mean, between your job, kids, relationships, and god forbid we mention money, there’s just very little time to do anything! But you should still take the time for a little fitness program – as a balance to the stressful everyday life, for more energy in daily life and of course to stay in shape.

It’s important that as a working woman, you learn to dodge being a victim of obesity and poor fitness with the stress of juggling a home and your career. So, how can you stay fit as a working woman?

The information you will find in this article will help you start to change your physical activity and eating habits. You will get to learn how to lower your risk for so many health problems. So, here are the seven tips to stay fit, feel better, and keep on tracking:

1: Try to stay active throughout the day

It’s good to talk and walk with a hands-free as much as you can. Stand up during meetings. If you do not have much typing work to do while at work, just keep standing. It’s a good and healthy practice to take short breaks every two hours or so, walk around for a minute before getting back to your desk. Save a few minutes during your lunch break and take a short walk.

2: Be more physically active

Regular, moderate-intensity exercise can be such fun in helping you feel great physically. You can further make it a social event by sharing it with friends and/or family members. Make it your goal to do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on most if not all days of the week.

Before starting a vigorous physical activity, talk to your doctor just to ensure that you are in good physical state of health for it. It is not advisable to engage your body in a vigorous activity if you have chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes or obesity. Regular exercise will help you burn extra fats, keep your mind sharp and lower the risk of contracting cardiac diseases.

3: Quit smoking

This is actually the most basic, but the most difficult especially if you’re already addicted. Smoking poses worse health risks to women smokers than their male counterparts. Women smokers are more vulnerable to diseases caused by excessive smoking in addition to the health risks they expose their babies to during pregnancy. You can grab a friend to assist you quit or you can approach your physician for advice.

4: Eat a well-balanced diet

Include adequate vitamins and other essential components in your diet. Vitamins and minerals will improve your mental performance. Balanced diet will enhance your body’s immunity level. Include at least 6 glasses of water per day in your diet, not forgetting to incorporate fresh fruit juice and herbal teas. Including antioxidants such as tomatoes and vegetables will help improve the quality of your skin.

5: Pack homemade food and avoid freezer meals

Freezer meals tend to be high in calories and packed with fat, sodium, sugar and cholesterol. Homemade foods will ensure that you follow a healthy diet and are always entirely dictated by your needs, wants and preferences.

6: Make sure you have a good night’s sleep

· Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. It will boost your immune system, memory and learning capabilities and it will positively affect your metabolism, mood, heart health and weight.

7: Cut down on your caffeine intake

Reduce your tea and coffee intake during office hours to less than four cups a day. Too much caffeine can leave you dehydrated. Too much caffeine is also the cause of early onset of osteoporosis.


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