6 Great Tips to Beat Negativity

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Negativity is contagious. It breeds, clutters, feeds on itself and overtakes. The only way to keep negativity at bay is to nurture your own positive mind-set. Feeding the positive starves out the negative and creates an environment that is far more conducive to choosing happiness (you cannot choose negativity and happiness together).

1. Surround yourself with positive people

In the same way that Debbie Downer and Negative Nancy’s attitudes are contagious, so are Positive Patty and Happy Harriet’s (yeah, I’m just pulling silly names out of a hat now, but you get the idea). I have found it particularly difficult to keep a positive mindset while being around negative people. Even without them saying a word, it seems as though their vibe and attitude manages to seep in. Fortunately the same can be said for the positive people who you are around, their positivity seems to radiate and helps to amplify your own positivity.

2. Create a happy place at home

Having an accessible happy place is intensely important to take time to reflect, re-center, and to dispel things that may otherwise dampen your positivity. Ideally, your whole home should be a happy place, but that may not be possible for everyone (especially if you’re sharing space) so it’s is important to have at least one designated space that brings you peace and happiness (for me it’s my kitchen, master bath, and in the garden with the chickens).

3. Remove Negativity

The outward reasons of bad emotions may be obvious, but the interior causes are not. Thoughts are more closely linked to our negativity than to the surroundings in which we find ourselves. Simply put, each individual constructs their own reality. Reflect and ask yourself, “Do I only see the bad without seeing the good, do I ignore or discount the positive things, do I ignore or devalue the positive things?”

To deconstruct negativity, ask yourself, “Do I only see the bad without seeing the good, do I ignore or devalue the positive things?” If you replied yes to any of the questions, you can also modify your mind by reflecting. “How could this circumstance turn out better than predicted, What are the positive aspects of this situation, Why are the positive aspects of this situation very significant or valuable,” ask yourself.

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4. Spend time in nature

Getting burnt out can easily give negativity an in and squash positivity. Green space can help to refresh, de-stress, and combat the negativity of burn-out. If you aren’t able to get out into nature, try creating your own green space. Even if it is nothing more than a plant in a sunny window, get some green!

5. Spend time with an animal

It may not be realistic for me to tell everyone to get a pet, but everyone can find an animal to spend time with (super extra bonus points if you spend that time with homeless animals). This goes along with surrounding yourself with positive people; I can’t say that I have ever met a negative animal.

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6. Faith

Having faith that everything that is happening in life (good or bad) is leading you to where you are supposed to be is the ultimate way to push back the negativity and create a positive mind-set. It is directing us to the right place, teaching us the right lesson, or creating a specific set of circumstances that will allow us to move forward down our paths in life. I have noticed a dramatic change in how easily achievable a positive mind-set is when I allow myself to take more on faith than chalking it up to luck or coincidence.

It’s only natural that as you become more optimistic, more positive individuals would want to be around you. Concentrate on being more optimistic, and don’t worry if you don’t have many positive people; they will arrive in your life over time. Remember to appreciate life in all of its forms, good and terrible, and to accept rather than reject or ignore the amazing existence that has been bestowed upon us. Abandon bitterness once and for all.


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