4 Things Perfect Moms Never Do

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I used to be an absolutely perfect mom. My child would always eat all his perfect organic veggies without complaint, clean his own room, and spend all of his time playing outside and reading instead of watching TV or video games and then we would be all smiles and giggles while he helped me bake delicious cookies without making the slightest mess in our spotless kitchen… Yeah, those were the days…and then I actually had a kid.

I’m sure that ya’ll can guess how quickly all of that went out the window. There are so many things that I said (and really believed myself!) that I would never do when I became a parent because parenting is super easy and all of you parents and super funny mommy bloggers must just be exaggerating or not know what you’re talking about. Ha! My apologies for having been such an ignorant non-parent. So, here’s just a few of the things that I was sure that I would never do. Judge away

Let technology babysit

There are times when mommy just needs to be left alone to clean the wreck of a kitchen after the messy giggle-fest baking sessions (that imaginary land where flour doesn’t get dumped on the floor along with a couple of precious backyard chicken eggs really doesn’t exist… at least not in my house) or, ya know, just to have a few minutes and maybe get to use the restroom without an audience.

Let him eat junk food

Mackenzie Fox stopped by recently and shared some awesome and practical tips for teaching your kids to eat healthy and say no to junk food that we utilize with Littleman most of the time. In my perfect pre-parenting world, Littleman would only ever eat healthy, organic food that was grown in our own backyard. Ha… I try (At least, when he helps me plant the garden, I know all of the things he’s not planning on eating as the seeds go into the ground… saves me all of the suspense.), but sometimes a kid just needs a Happy Meal and some Reese’s Puffs.

Wearing yoga pants with no intention of yogaing

I’m a total advocate for wearing something that makes you feel nice and put together, but there are definitely (lots of) days, as a parent, that putting on pants of any kind is a win. Pssst… if you pair it with a workout top and sneakers, no one will be the wiser (or maybe I am only fooling myself with this one!).


Only educational TV for my Littleman! Well, then he caught a glimpse of Spongebob and that annoying, pointless, mind-numbing, yellow sponge took over my TV. I fought it… I fought it hard! The sponge has inevitably won the battle with his hypnotic laughter that makes me want to tear out my own ear drums in the name of relief.

I’d love to hear from other formerly perfect moms, what did you say that you would never do that you have totally done, as a parent?


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