30 Foods You Can Easily Regrow From Scraps

vegetables that you can regrow

There are few ways to save money on groceries that are more practical than repurposing what you already have! I understand that repurposing food sounds a little disgusting, but bear with me!

There are a variety of foods that may be grown from the leftovers you normally throw away by following a few simple steps. I’ve done a couple of them, including green onions, tomatoes, and right now, an avocado pit is growing on our counter!

It’s not only a terrific way to save money, but it’s also a great way to teach your child about gardening and waste reduction!
Try one, or try them all, either way you will practically be growing money in your pocket!

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30 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps

Apples – Dry out your seeds and plant in a sunny area.

Avocado -Suspend cleaned seed over water in a bowl using toothpicks (only cover about 1/2 of the seed). Keep in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight, a root will regrow in about four to six weeks. Cut it back to 2-3 inches if it gets too long, and plant in soil once leaves begin to grow, leaving 1/2 above the soil when planted.
*Avocado trees grow very slowly, but are worth the wait!

Basil– Place 4 inch stem in glass of water with sunlight and they begin to grow in a few days. Can then be replanted in soil.

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Bean Sprouts – Place Mung Beans in shallow water overnight, then drain water put back into container and cover with towel overnight. Continue process until beans sprout to the length you want!

Celery – Put the base in warm water and sunlight, once leaves begin to grow you can move to soil.

Cherries– Rinse and dry cherry pits, then pack in a container with soil in the refrigerator for 10-12 weeks. Plant outside, and wait (it takes a good amount of time to grow a whole tree, but it will be worth it!)

Chestnuts– Plant nuts in the ground in a sunny area. Plant multiple trees close to one another for cross pollination, this will get you more chestnuts!

Cilantro – Put the stems in glass of water and sunlight and the roots grow in a few days. Can then be moved to a pot.

Fennel– Place the bulb in water and sunlight and they begin to regrow in a few days. Can then be planted in soil.

Garlic– Simply plant one clove of garlic in soil with the root facing down. Continue the process by always removing 1 clove and replanting from each new plant.

Ginger– Simply plant a spare ginger root in soil, and it will begin to grow within a week.

Green Onions -Put the white ends in water and sunlight, and they regrow fast! Change the water every few days. I have had mine grow to full length again in less than 2 weeks!

Leeks – Put the ends in water and sunlight and they begin to regrow in a few days.

Lemongrass – Put the roots in water and sunlight and they begin to regrow in about a week, then can be moved to a pot with soil.

Lemons – Dry out seeds and plant in sunny area.

Lettuce, Bok Choy & Cabbage – Put leftover leaves in water (just the bottoms, mist the tops every few days) and sunlight, they will begin to grow roots in a few days to a week, then transplant into soil.

Mushrooms– Remove the head and plant the base in soil, it will regrow the head. (Grows better in a pot, needs humid temperatures).

Onion– Cut off the bottom inch with roots and plant in soil with roots facing down.

Peaches – Dry out seeds and plant in a sunny area.

Peppers– Simply rinse and dry the seeds and plant in an area with lots of sunlight.

Pineapple – Suspend top over water in a bowl with just the base touching the water, using toothpicks. In direct sunlight they will begin to regrow roots in a week or so, and can then be planted in a pot.

Potatoes – Plant potato peels (with eyes, facing up) in soil, plants will begin to sprout within a month!

Pumpkins – Dry and plant your seeds in soil.

Sweet Potatoes – Suspend half of sweet potato over water in a bowl or jar using toothpicks. In direct sunlight they will begin to sprout roots from the bottom, and sprouts from the top. When the roots are an inch in length, remove the sprouts to a separate container of water, and plant in soil once they grow to an inch in length themselves.

Tomatoes– Rinse and dry seeds, then plant indoors in a pot. Once plants grow to a few inches long they can be moved outside.

Turnip, Beets & Parsnips – Put the tops in water and sunlight and they will regrow in a few weeks!

Do you know of any others we can add to the list? Comment below!


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