10 Simple Tips To Reduce Frizz in Curly and Wavy Hair

reduce frizz in curly hair

Frizz is often the enemy for curly and wavy-haired ladies. Naturals can have frizz-free hair, but it is difficult to do so with unpredictable weather and the wrong products. When you have wavy, curly or frizzy hair, the tendency is to turn to treatments, masks and more to solve these problems and get the defined curls you’re hoping for. It’s possible to win with the right tools, techniques, and methods.

A few easy tips and techniques can help you avoid them on a daily basis and keep your curls well defined, vibrant and frizz-free curls.

Pre-poo before washing

Coating hair with natural oil prior to a wash can really help ease frizz. Added bonus? It leaves hair nice and soft. Olive oil and coconut oil are great pre-poo treatments. You can apply it before a wash, cover hair with a plastic cap and allow it to sit for 15-30 minutes. Sit under a hooded dryer or wear a heat cap if you desire. You could also use it as an overnight treatment.

Argan oil can also be very beneficial in keeping your curl fizz free. It has a high rate of fatty acid and vitamin E. For these reasons, it has many cosmetic virtues including the beauty of your hair. Among its qualities and what distinguishes it from its colleagues is that it gives shine and brightness to dull hair and / or colored and highlighted. It is generally applied as a serum on the length or just the ends.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

The kitchen pantry has a wealth of treasures to give you luscious, healthy tresses. One of the prized jewels that you can find there is Apple Cider Vinegar. Rinsing hair with this ingredient balances the pH of scalp and hair, removes buildup and seals down hair’s cuticles for a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Use microfiber towel

With a microfiber towel, you can say goodbye to frizz. Being many times thinner than a hair, microfibers reduce drying time by absorbing water more quickly. Conventional towels are made of fibers that are much thicker than a hair, which does not allow them to absorb water as easily. In addition, the microfibers in the towel are a tool against friction that prevents defined curls. The microfiber towel also has another advantage: less friction, less hair breakage!

Choose the right comb

Most women with curly hair already know this, but it’s worth remembering: replace the brush with a wooden comb and only comb your hair when it’s wet. Wide-toothed combs are the best solution because they maintain the natural structure of the curls and don’t break the hair.

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Product selection is key

If you experience frizz more during the Summer than the Fall, you might want to expand the range of products that you use. There’s a plethora of shampoos, conditioners and other frizz-easing products on the market. Look for labels that emphasize hydrating hair and preventing unwanted frizz.

Moreover, they will allow to draw the curls, to protect them and to perpetuate the result! You can choose a styling cream and/or a styling gel, depending on the needs of your curls and your desires.

Beware of silicone

Remember to use alcohol-free and silicone-free products. When heat (via a blow-dryer, steamer, or diffuser) is applied, the silicone melts and is sealed into the hair shaft. At first, silicones look like they’re a quick-fix to frizz because they can give your hair a smooth finish but they’re actually absorbing the moisture from your mane. As a result, your now-dehydrated hair will eventually frizz. There are water-soluble silicones that absorb into the hair shaft without the excessive buildup. You know you hair better than anyone else so choose products wisely.

Avoid washing hair with hot water

Hot water strips hair of its natural moisture which leads to dry, brittle stiff hair. That is why hair should be washed with lukewarm water. If you use deep conditioner or a steamer, rinse the product out of your hair using cool water for a shinier finish and to seal the hair’s cuticle and lock in the moisture.

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Seal the ends of the hair

This is the oldest part of your hair so it’s more susceptible to frizz. It’s important to apply moisturizer or oil to the ends of the hair for that reason. The best time to do this is while hair is still damp.

Air Dry or Use a Diffuser

Excessive heat use usually has less-than-ideal affects on hair so blow drying with your blow-dryer on the highest heat setting it can have isn’t the best move. Using a diffuser attachment can prevent the frizz that’s created from using a high-heat powered blow-dryer. Also, try leaving the hair partially damp or allowing it to air dry.

Protect your hair at night

Yes, even our sleep can have an impact on frizz, or rather the pillow we sleep on. Indeed, the rubbing of hair on our favorite cotton pillowcase tends to accentuate the phenomenon of frizz (not to mention that cotton dries out the hair and makes it more fragile). To limit the appearance of these rebellious hairs which spoil us the life, we pass to satin pillowcases or we invest in a satin scarf which we tie around our head before putting ourselves in bed.


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